Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Comic Book Strength & Conditioning

    Within the last few years, superhero movies have become the biggest hit from video games to merchandise and even muscle building. The muscle magazines have put out the routines for the superheroes actors have portrayed on Screen from Hugh Jackman's workout for Wolverine, Chris Hemsworth's training for Thor, Henry Cavil's "secrets" for Man Of Steel and Christian Bale's top notch powerhouse training for the Dark Knight Trilogy. Safe to say that comic book fans and fitness junkies are lining up to find out more about what they're workouts are, the diet, the timing and the volume. However, for the most part, these workouts the actors go through are extremely intense, very time consuming and are at an advanced level where if a beginner even attempted one of these workouts will be begging to put on life support and/or get injured. Some of these exercises require certain equipment most people can't afford let alone even begin to understand how it works. This isn't for the average person who has a job, a family and a responsibility at home. Yet you can find a way to train like your favorite superheroes in a very unique way that is interesting and fun to do.


    There is a website called neilaray.com where you can find a series of fitness circuits that are related to a superheroes training system that is notable, simple and challenging. These may not be the exact routines the actors do but these offer you training you can do anywhere with enough space to suit your needs. So to help you out I want to give you an idea of what a superhero workout looks like take for example this superman workout……..

      As you can see it's an intense workout but it's not a long one either so you can get in some training in a short amount of time. Circuit Training is when you go from one exercise to another with little to no rest which can be up to say 6 exercises and then you rest for a good period of time. Now I'm all for a challenge but to get the best out of these workouts is to adjust it according to your level and making it your own. But for the most part most of these workouts are bodyweight only which is perfect for someone who doesn't have a lot of time on their hands and can get in a workout as fast as possible. I must warn you there are many of them that are tough as hell so don't judge a book by its cover yet others are pretty simple and can be done in under 15 min. so be your own judge. If you're a fan of superheroes and want to have that interesting way to train like one this is one way to do it. I'll help you by giving you a tip on a weekly type regimen if that's what you choose to do, you can make it however you want and they got plenty of superhero workouts to choose from so here's a pretty decent routine for the week you can do but remember, adjust accordingly and if you feel like you've had enough that's ok, it's all about progress….


Mon: Superman
Tues: Thor
Weds: Batman
Thurs: Green Arrow
Fri: Captain America
Sat-Sun: Off


For the ladies there's something in there for you too
Mon: Supergirl
Tues: Wonder Woman
Weds: Off
Thurs: Black Canary
Fri: She-Hulk
Sat-Sun: Off
If you prefer a different way go for it our choice, make it a hell week for various avengers, day on/off mixing your favorite heroes from your favorite comics/movies whatever you decide is your call.


    You do not need steroids to get super fit. It takes time, patience and effort but you can still have a blast with it by utilizing your imagination to ignite your strength and energy. When you do a workout like these, picture as if you were that superhero, busting your ass to prepare for crime fighting and stopping the bad guys. Think about it guys, for the Batman workout, picture as if you're training to get ready to kick the crap out of the Joker, for the gals picture being Wonder Woman in that bad ass get up and training to take down the demons with the golden lariat. Infuse that power inside you to jumpstart your body's energy. When you can utilize this technique, you can actually double your strength, speed and your endurance. Sure do some progressions but this can give you a 5 step start.


    Have fun with this, experiment, picture in your mind beforehand which hero you want to be and believe in it. Work within your own level of fitness, if it becomes too tough back off if you need to, use your instincts. As you get stronger, your imagination grows with it. Mind and body working together creates explosive opportunities not just physically becoming fit but building your individuality and personifying your inner hero. Take a chance, make your mark and become a hero yourself.

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