Thursday, January 29, 2015

Batman’s Conditioning

    For anyone that has the read the comics or has seen Batman Begins, we know how rigorous the Caped Crusader's training is, although exaggerated in some ways, in others it is admired. He doesn't do much in the realm of weights although it's been seen a time or too possibly in the cartoons but what you see from him is a no bullshit entity of superior conditioning; Push-ups, Squats, Pull-ups, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Parkour, unbelievable endurance, crazy strength for a guy without super powers and his awareness and understanding of his body is just incredible. To get a basic idea of the closest thing to a realistic Batman workout is by doing the Batman Workout. There is even a challenge which has you doing the main three bodyweight exercises; Push-ups, Squats and Sit-ups over a 30 day period that has an increase in repetition.


    When it comes down to it, some of the best athletes in the world relied mostly on bodyweight training it's a known fact; guys like Rocky Marciano, Ricky Henderson, Hershel Walker, Stan Musial, Mickey Mantel, Frank Gotch, Karl Gotch, The Great Gama, Lou Thesz and others. So whether you want to believe it or not, bodyweight training is an incredible staple of physical conditioning and it's even made its way not just in Batman but others like Doc Savage. Batman in my opinion takes it to its very peak doing things that weights can't even measure even if he was equipped with a gym chalk full of machines and weights. He uses what's practical, efficient and can be used anywhere because as you know he stalks the night for viscous criminals and needs that reserved endurance and strength to take them down and brought to justice. Think about it, if you're the city's night watchman and need to stake out the most notorious crooks even those that freaking huge (Bane and Killer Crock ring a bell?), do you really think weights are going to help in the long run for the strength you need as you're fighting them off? I'm not saying weights aren't good they are in many cases but yet when it comes down to it you need that reserved strength like a conditioned fighter. You have to able to use it a moment's notice and not for a short term workout; it's got work outside the gym as well as in.


   Despite no superpowers and doesn't heal quite as quickly as most heroes, Batman is the only human hero that is practically superhuman. Sure he doesn't have much sleep and has to keep up appearances as Bruce Wayne but when he gets in that zone, in that mindset where no matter what the odds he finds a way to get the job done and that goes along with his training. Like I said if you ever read what his actual workouts are like it is grossly exaggerated and makes even the most conditioned athlete look like a small chump but yet there are possibilities if we even cut down to a 1/3 of what he does would benefit anyone who wants to get in some serious shape. If he actually existed and taught even remotely a small dose of his conditioning secrets, think of what that would mean to a MMA Fighter, Boxer, Baseball Player, Track Athlete and Strongman.


    His training is in my opinion, underrated yet led by example because you don't have to do the exact same things he does (quite frankly no one can) but you can however do something and think in a different perspective on elevating your strength and conditioning to another level using a progressive system and the understanding of food intake, recovery and sleep. Batman in most people's eyes is the greatest Comic Book hero ever created and why; because he's more relatable as to being human and struggling to do well in the world like the rest of us. Sure we don't have his billions of dollars and a secret batcave or hell even the damn gadgets but even without those things he's still human and has developed himself through hard fought training, brains and the will to fight for what he believes in. So the next time you knock a system of exercise that seems too basic and is only good for endurance; do half of what Batman does and see how well conditioned you are.
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