Monday, January 5, 2015

Are You Too Old To Train

    Once someone reaches a certain age, most feel they're beginning to wind down and letting their age get to them. Sure as we get older we lose a few things here and there but there's a lot more to gain in my opinion. I'm only 30 but yet starting at this age things will get low but at the same time; I feel way fitter, stronger, agile, more flexible and can move pretty good for my size. I don't believe we should stop doing our favorite things or challenging ourselves as we age. This mentality is based on a person's mind set, once you reach a certain age it's over and you can't do the same things you use to and live life like you did when you were younger. I have talked to and met people way over 40 & 50 yet they have this aura about them and a zest for life and challenging the norm. One of my dear friends Bud Jeffries is in his early 40's and has lifted heavy weight since he was a teenager, do you think because of his age now he can't get any stronger or fitter? Nope, he is breaking personal records left and right and is now stronger, fitter and far healthier then when he was in his 20's. Garin Bader of CoreForce Energy is over 55 and is one of the fastest, strongest and most noble people I've ever come across. Back in November of 2010; I spent the day with him learning his ways of training and the core of his system to even the degree where we tried to see if he had enough strength to push my 240 lbs. frame around and yet without he practically knocked me from one side of the room to the other and he was less than 205 lb. at 6'.


    Another example of not letting age be a factor is a man named Lawrence Farman; in strongman circles he is honorably nicknamed Slim The Hammerman for his exploits lifting extremely heavy sledgehammers. Working in a rock quarry his whole life he developed strength that is unmatched to this very day. He believed in his early 20's he was pretty strong (that's an understatement) yet at 40-50 he thought he wasn't just dangerous but felt invincible. Think about that for a second, feeling invincible at that age is practically unbelievable even back in his day. He is now at the young age of 80 and can still go way beyond 99.9% of men his age, still lifting hammers that would break the average 25 year Old's wrist like a toothpick. He is an inspiration to me because he kept challenging himself, was still driven and kept achieving things decades after he should've stopped. He is a man among men, not just a towering presence (6'6) but a larger than life figure in the field of Strongmen.


    If you still crave life and have a zest for adventure even at 100, do what you love and find out what you're capable of, some people just let themselves go and die before they have a real chance to find the real parts of life that they can make of themselves. There are folks in their 60's-90's in the senior Olympics, lifters over the age of 70 breaking world records, a woman at 86 does gymnastics and look at Jack Lalanne who died at the age of 96 and was doing what he loved everyday. You don't have to be the biggest, the baddest or the strongest but if you want to be adventurous, spontaneous and have incredible energy you have the power to do that. Challenge the norm and say no to those who say you need to stop, need to let go, sit out your golden years. If you get the chance look up a man named Stephen Jepson who is in his 70's and has the energy of a man half his age or more; he's got a video out there called Never Leave The Playground, it's an awesome and beautiful thing to watch.


    Living with strength grows with age and wisdom not just mentally but physically as well if you put in the effort and utilize your interests. Compared to these folks I'm still a young buck but yet I'm doing things at 30 I couldn't even fathom when I was in my 20's hell even my teen years. I've got many decades left and I intend to enjoy them, do things that are fun, challenging and interesting. I think it would be awesome to do 100 squats at 70, swim 500 meters at 80, hell I believe I'll still be bending spikes in my 60's. So as the headline asks; are you too old to train? That's up to you to find the answer, not science, not religious beliefs or the people you love; only you.

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