Monday, December 22, 2014

What Makes You Is You Only

    People these days want to defy others by what's different, what's wrong, or praise them by great efforts/deeds and tell them what they can and can't do. It's a vicious cycle especially when it comes to parents, teachers and politicians. Some like to play favorites and tell off that the other person is not good like that kid or that councilman, or defying a person's personality by the color of their skin or religion or whatever. It's like there's no neutral compromise of what is good, bad or different. Let me put it to you this way for you Twilight fans, you're either team Edward or team Jacob, that's what society is defied in today's world there's no middle. We are so consumed of what's different and fearful when there's a whole other door to be open that is beautiful, compassionate, loving and wholesome. To tell you the truth, I'm not a religious person, I'm not all about being a liberal or conservative hell I don't give a damn what color your skin is, to me you're another human being.


    What defies you is not what you are but who you are. You may not be a pro athlete or were in the top 3 in a spelling bee or won best debater but you have done something you must be proud of. Awards are only an object they are not what makes you a wonderful or awful person, it's who you become through experience, mistakes, triumphs, raising up and hitting rock bottom. I have won a few things in my lifetime, made a choice to fight back to walking again, I have exceeded people's expectations of me and I have experienced certain things in my life a kid should have no way of seeing yet I'm still here. I don't look for praises, to be someone's go to guy or to be the world's greatest writer. I've been told a lot of things some negative and some positive yet I choose to not to go with one or the other, I go for what works for me and learn about what I'm good at and what I can do to share my passion with the world. Don't ever let anything or anyone defy who you truly are, the only person or thing that can defy you is you and your passion. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, Jewish, Christian, Gay, Straight, rich, poor, comedy or action lover, writer, athlete or whatever if you're passionate about something and it's part of your personality and the way you look at life and those around you that defies who you are. I may have hidden who I really am around certain people but it's not because of what I think, it's about who truly deserves to see it because I've been judged, beaten up, ridiculed, told I would never make it somewhere yet I choose to not let that scare me away from my true self, it fuels me to want it more to become better and not do it for them but for me. Finding who you are is life's greatest adventure.


    Stick to what gives you the greatest benefit. If your heart is set on something and you're so passionate about it, there's a good chance you'll become great at it if you practice, see it, feel it, energize you and it helps others in a productive way. Some will drive you away from your passion not because they know you'll be good but apparently they have their hearts set at seeing you fail. It is sad to feel fear, to think that people have the nerve to tell something "you're going to fail" and it's not really you they're directing at, they're directing themselves in disguise because they don't have your passion, your strength to go for what's important to you and making something of yourself. Whatever makes you happy, brings you joy, anything that gives your soul and deep universal mind peace and warmth that's what you should be doing. I have known people who work at these jobs where they are just miserable and don't have any real life to them, no enthusiasm or passion it's "just a job", sure you may make good money to provide for your family or just you but if you have no reason to be joyful and inlove with what you do what's the point? For me when I get the urge to write I make it a habit to put passion into it and my soul with deep meaning and love for it because it's a part of who I'am and what I love in this world. I don't give a damn if you're a pizza delivery boy or a lawyer for some famous celebrity, if you truly put your passion into what you do it's no longer a job, it's getting paid to have a blast.


    Family & Friends may claim to really know the true you and maybe some do I'm not discounting that but for those that really know you don't reject your passion or tell you it's a hobby, they encourage you, want to help you because they believe in you with no agenda, no strings attached and no hidden bullshit. I have some friends and family that could care less about what I do and wouldn't have a clue on what encouragement really means and show they're care at all but you know what, I'm ok with that because there's another group of those two things that will learn about my passion and they will encourage me and they do believe in me because they know what I'm capable of and what I'm doing about it one step at a time. You can have all the people you want to have your back and give you love and affection and praises for what you do or believe in your passion but the only person that has your back despite all the trials, tribulations, failures, success and the choices throughout your life is you. You know the real you, you know what goes on in your head, you know what you're really feeling and you know what makes you happy or sad. No matter how many claim to believe in you or not the only thing that matters is if you believe in yourself.



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