Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Do You Even Lift Bro?

    Apparently that's the new generational question for fitness nuts. It's practically become synonymous with the dying old "ancient" fitness question "How much can you bench?" To me, it's one of the dumbest questions these days. Makes people feel inferior, weak and unappealing. Funny I've never been asked it but thank god I haven't, it's a bit annoying and it's usually asked by macho, stuck up pricks who think there're better than others. It's not even a general question it's more sarcastic and unfunny. And those that answer shouldn't have to open their mouth, they got nothing to prove to anyone except themselves.


    What I'm wondering is when people ask that are they asking if you lift weights, odd objects or bodyweight because it seems to be way too general and not necessarily specific. It's become a bit of a downer and very tedious. Sometimes it makes me want to slap those morons. Do I lift? Here's an answer for you, no I don't lift much weights but I can handle a pretty damn huge sledgehammer, lift my entire body weight in both a pullup and a handstand, I can press up heavy cables, lift some nifty rocks but if you want to call me out on it I'd be happy to oblige but not for your benefit to prove anything but only because you asked so be careful what you wish for.


    The real question should be "Do you even train?" Who cares if you don't lift or look like a bloated bodybuilder, as long as you train and it makes you happy so be it. Anybody can lift a weight or pick up a thing or two but training is different, it's doing something for a purpose and what gives them results. Train for what you want to do not because someone asked you about it. You don't need to lift but believe in training, finding what you're good at and believe in it. Don't listen to those shmucks. Real people don't ask stuff like that, they help and show you how to draw your own path.


    What matters is not how much you lift, but how much you're willing to train. Making goals come alive, seeing the results that bring meaning to you and doing what makes you happy. Take chances, break a few rules and answer by doing and not using your mouth that would only stoop to their level unless you've got some good method of psychology on them. Don't be a jackass, be smart and be honest.

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