Friday, December 19, 2014

The Gym Is Everywhere

    About 99.9% of the gyms out there today are horrible and I want to tell you why; they have no regard for people who truly want to get fit and strong. They have no class for showing fitness in a simple manner, they make it complicated by having too many gadgets and very little amount of free weights or they play their little con games to get you to sign up. Hell there's even a gym where they have pizza and bagels once a month and yet this same gym told a beautifully fit woman to leave because she was intimidating, what a bunch of crock. One gym I went to with my sisters, cousin and brother-in-law I got a ton of odd looks because I was lifting quite a bit of weight (apparently a partial press of 465 lbs. is a little odd to them). The reason most gyms today suck because they rather cater to people who are skinny as hell and feed them crap both physically and psychologically or to those who are overweight and put them on little baby weights while putting them on a machine feeding them celery. It is a travesty and I'm not surprised if the old-timers are rolling in their graves right now.


    What you deserve is to be healthy, fit, strong and vital. Now I realize some programs won't work and hey that's ok because there will be something out there for you to find that will have you glowing with energy, hormones are at their peak, your strength becomes stronger, you lose bodyfat and gain muscle. Most gyms don't deserve you because quite frankly if you look deep into it, they don't give a damn about you or how unfit or fit you are. What I don't get is, you have a gym that has some great free weights to use but yet the moment you start to show some real strength they give you shit for it, it's confusing isn't it? You deserve to be happy, challenged and cared about your progress, how can that be when your gym is making you do the dumbest stuff and yet you feel miserable. That's not real training.


    If you open up your mind and believe in possibilities, you can train anywhere you want, it doesn't have to be in a room full of (or empty for that matter) people that don't care or have any regard for hygiene and respect for the equipment; it can be in your home, backyard, park, beach, office, grocery store, restaurant even you're damn bedroom. Buy free weights if you want them, do sprints at the school yard, jump in the lake and find a rock or two to lift. We have become so narrow minded that in order to make us happy we have to join up somewhere that costs a ton of money or very little and not go plus wait for assholes on their cell phone to finish his set. Not every gym is like that, I've been in a couple that are actually worth going to and it's always awesome in the atmosphere and the amount of encouragement you actually get without pretending. Be open to do kick ass things without being crammed into a place that looks like the cysteine chapel or Bloomingdales and make something of yourself, flip a big tire if you find one, go do cartwheels, climb, run down the field, lift a heavy rock, swing a mace, throw a keg there are so many things to choose from. I haven't been to a gym since Aug. and only went just to get away from the complex for a while and spend some time with my sister and her husband; while there I made the best of it, lifted heavy, did a few exercises with a 53lb. Kettlebell, DDP Yoga, Arm Wrestling, one arm snatches for reps and other stuff and loved every second of it. At the time it was in Lake Tahoe but my gym was the lake, the rocks, climbing the ladders, push-ups, squats, bridging and more.


    The real gym is out there, you can create your own gym overtime in your garage or den if you have the space. No distractions, no bullshit gym politics and you're free to do whatever you want when you want and however you want with no judgment or someone telling you what to do. At the park you are free to move and do what your heart desires, practice your hand balancing, run sprints on a nearby track or the grassy field, dance if you feel like it, just getting out in the open air does wonders for your overall health. Go to your local beach either by the ocean or lake (if it's not too polluted, the cleaner the better) and go for a kick ass swim, if there are rocks around I'm sure there will be some to lift, carry, throw, curl, squat or toss that tickles your fancy. Why not do Isometrics while you're dining out, no one really looks at what you're doing so you can curl your fists under the table or press your arm down for a few seconds, squeeze your abs (maybe not while you're actually but between eating). How about while you wait in line at the movies or at your bank, sometimes those things take a while depending on what's going on so you can do things like circling your wrists to strengthen the tendons, open and close your fist, press your feet into the ground, work your shoulders. There are so many ways to do things that don't require those pesky piece of crap gyms. Do some research, experiment with a few things, find what can work for you and be flexible about it so you can go about your day and taking care of your responsibilities. Be bold and open up the possibilities instead of impossibilities.

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