Monday, December 29, 2014

Training Until Eighty Percent Fatigued

    From today's training with the TNT Cables I wanted to test a theory on the exercises I performed. This theory is based on your intuition, awareness of muscle fatigue and knowing when good form starts to diminish. This can be used in both a strength workout, endurance workout and/or both depending on what you want to focus on. It is performed within a percentage of your fatigue level meaning once you have hit a certain amount of reps, your muscles begin to break down. Within this concept, you do as much of the exercise you are willing to put into but you don't keep going when your form becomes poor. You can always do another set if you wish but instinctively know when to let go and move on. When I mean 80% fatigue I mean in the sense where those last few reps of good form and you have had enough, this doesn't mean you try to end the exercise by hardly being able to move.


    This isn't anything new but learning a different take on it may help you find that piece of training info that will give you more of the results you're looking for. You see the muscles break down within a period of time after or during such intense work and they need to repair but what if you don't completely break them down and only hit a certain spot they're just almost at that stage and move on. Taking a breather and breathing deeply and taking as much time as needed for the next exercise so your blood flow can run smoothly and letting the muscles "get some air" so do speak. Experimenting with this is only for doing a single set possibly two or three depending on your energy levels and repping it out until you only have a couple reps of good form. This isn't a speed exercise although if that's what you choose but it's more important to focus into the muscles being worked and breathing right otherwise you're just making yourself crazy and if your form becomes poor, your fatigue levels are too much.


    The type of training here is not for merely getting a pump out of the exercise to hit a peak in the muscles although it does feel good but what we're attempting to do here is being to hit the muscles at a certain level of degree where staying in good form reaches it's end and you'll know this when a certain amount of reps become slower to move but can still hit the range of motion needed. Training this way whether with light or heavy weight and low rep/high rep schemes using your mental awareness of how the body feels within a period of an exercise can help you find where you're getting strength and cardio at the same time. If you're a bodybuilder this can apply there as well but this is for mere strength and cardio purposes and knowing the use of good form. Odd Objects can be used for this but because of the unstablizing factor of moving a weight such as a log, heavy rock, keg, barrel; good form won't always play a factor because you may not pick a weight the same exact way as you would a barbell, dumbbell or cable but do believe in the realm of possibilities, it just takes some experimenting to figure out what works for you.


    The results of this is amazing and as I experiment more with this theory I'll let you know more of the results but as I theorize it, I do believe you can gain great strength from doing this and the recovery factor is being utilized in a different way. Don't do this every day but maybe 3x a week at best because you want to get the best recovery possible and letting the muscles repair themselves at a good rate. I recommend with all types of training is to take a cold shower after a workout to help the muscles speed up the process and exhilarating your metabolism and hormone levels and let the repairing go faster in a natural way. Experiment with this and let me know how it goes. Listen to your body and never go to the point where either you're using bad form or can't move the muscles needed otherwise you're fatiguing beyond what I'm telling you here. Also you don't need to do a ton of exercises, no more than 10-12 is needed because you want to focus on the exercises and using as many muscles as possible in one exercise. This is nearly like Dinosaur Training, using the basic exercises and hitting them hard with peaking at a level of fatigue that won't be painful or prone to injury.



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