Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Producing More Growth Hormone

    I'm vitally against the use of artificial steroids and always have been not because of the scientific and media crap that is portrayed but because there are better options for you than risking your health for some trophy or to look like a pretty boy in a speedo. Unless you're in need of something artificial that could be life-saving and it helps you with some major disease than maybe there's that exception but for the most part you're better off learning how to do things more naturally. With the right info and the right tools you can jump start your hormones that naturally helps you increase metabolism, healthy caloric intake, help you stay young and vibrant and even give your libido the power it had when you were a teenager.


    It has been shown that normal cardio routines actually diminish hormone balance within an extended period of time your muscles start to lose what is truly needed. I'm not saying endurance training is useful, it is and it's an important component for optimum health but yet if you're getting the amount of balanced muscle mass and fat burning ratio than you're just wasting your time. I believe more in fat loss than weight loss with the exception of those that are heavily overweight and need to drop the poundage needed so the body can function properly. In order to truly fire the nervous system and your muscular structure at an optimum level your training needs to be intensified so the muscles can generate as much power as possible within a short period of time. This can happen with training methods like Sprinting, Battling Ropes, Animal Exercises, heavy weight lifting/odd object lifting and various styles of concentrated isometrics. The more muscles used in a single exercise ups the ante of increasing growth hormone. After say a 30 second burst from a sprint your body shifts into overdrive and when you're huffing and puffing and feeling like you're going to die, that is actually opening up your body's system and jump starts that process of increased blood flow to the muscles and powering up the heart muscle and firing your lungs to produce more oxygen.


    Unlike spending thousands of dollars on artificial crap that could end up killing you, the methods I just pointed out are not only free but they're legal and they don't come with gross side effects. The media may have portrayed artificial steroids really exaggeratedly but the fact of the matter is, when you inject/swallow/insert you're putting chemicals into your body that aren't in a natural state and there can be dire consequences. Why settle for destroying your hard earned paycheck that ends up having possibly disappointing results when you can do it using your own body's capabilities and more using proving methods that has helped people get a good level of balanced muscle mass and bodyfat. When I'm talking about muscle mass I'm not talking about the grotesque look you see on bodybuilders; I'm talking about the type of muscle mass that gives you natural health and good solid levels of growth hormone that has looking young, vibrant and athletic. One of the best methods to add in for this is taking Cold Showers to learn more about the health benefits of Cold Showers check out The Art Of Manliness, it's a pretty cool read.


    Another thing that makes a huge difference on using natural methods and artificial steroids is the work of your organs especially the kidneys, heart and liver; when you use natural methods of quality intense training and recovery periods, your organs become stronger and generate more power to maximize your overall health and sexual energy (trust me especially for us guys we need this) as oppose to artificial injections and unnatural chemical replacement that can cause damage to the organs and inflate them in a way that puts too much strain on the central nervous system and can cause your body to internally destroy itself. Now I'm not a physician or a doctor but unless proper precautions have been legitimized (and even that is slim) but in theory it can ruin your health to lengths you can never come back from. Sure it's been said that chemically enhanced steroids have helped those with major diseases and help balance things out hormonally in both men and women but that's where the exception ends because it's medically used within the resort where there aren't too many option and/or the individual can't produce their body's system naturally. The majority of people however, don't need that artificial crap when you have methods proven by old-time physical culturists, natural supplementation in organic foods and using sleep balances. Stay strong, be healthy and use the best methods that give you the greatest benefit both long term and high quality of life.

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