Thursday, December 18, 2014

Adapt Your Training Like A Wrestler

    I'm not going to talk about guys in WWE but the type of wrestling I will be mentioning will be more towards Catch Wrestling, Amateur style and some others. You can learn all the techniques you'll need in your arsenal and you can even go for days without needing a second wind but there will come a time where you can't play out the same scenarios and play the same style everytime. It's awesome to learn things you want to do and practice those ten thousand times but yet one of the best secrets is how to adapt and still efficient. When it comes to pro wrestling I'm a fan of the more scientific portion or for you fans technical wrestling where to me that looks more believable than the crap you see mostly on TV. When you train, learn the skills that will give you the edge and practice with efficiency as best as possible but at times those skills may not always work in your favor so you need to know when that curve comes sliding in. If you ever watched a great wrestler or read about how they are so powerful in their matches or fights you'll notice one thing that separates a good average wrestler to a damn elitist is his adaptability.


    Whether you're training for sports or just to get in shape a key thing to remember is when and how to change things up and work within your own prowess and adapt. If you do the same things too often, sure it'll be a reflex and it can become like a second language to you but what if those skills don't always come in the way they were meant to so how can you win your own battles? Being able to adapt gives you an advantage and teaches you how to be intuitive of when the time comes and how you'll handle the situation or workout in this case. Like in wrestling, a guy may wrestle the same guy a time or two and he'll be able to understand how that guy operates but what about the next guy who he hasn't done anything with and needs to know which holds to go to and change up his motive and where to get the guy in the right spot within an accurate time? Same thing happens in workouts, you can be awesome in one workout but may not have the same energy or feel and some exercises that aren't in your routine give you another outlook on how you flow through it. You never know what you'll get into so my advice to you is learn as much as possible and research what works and what doesn't because if something doesn't work then you got problems but if you find a program or series of them and customize your own version that works for you, you are on your way to mastering the very best within your natural style.


    There are a variety of exercises to choose from so learn and pick your favorites that give you the greatest benefit however; every once in a while or as often as you want, learn exercises you normally don't do but have an interest in. Create an arsenal that has you being efficient in how you recover, the amount of intensity you can provide, the volume that gets you peaked and if you ever happen to get injured but still know what you can do it'll be there right inside your mind and you can turn it into action. Being adaptable takes your results to another level and using different tempos, speeds and whatever can be useful that produces what you want to progress at your own pace. Make it a habit to adapt and improvise.


    A lot of people can't fathom the amount of intuition they already have. Being intuitive can make you dangerous in how you do things but in a good way. A great wrestler looks at his opponent like it's a chess game, he may not always find the right moves fast but he is intuitive and feels out his opponents next move and where he'll go, he will instinctively finds the mistakes and takes advantage and go for the win, doesn't always happen in a matter of seconds it might take him a round or 2 but when it happens it's a site to see. When you train, you may know certain exercises by heart and they're like a muscle memory but you may not want to do the same old routine, so you change things up a bit. Using your intuition to read out how your workout goes and it doesn't matter if it's 5 min. or 1 hour you'll find that when you turn things around and seek out your next exercise you'll fire it when you turn on that switch. I never do the same routine in the same week, I get bored easily so in order to stay at a level that I want to be at I have to switch things up and do exercises that I intuitively go for. You may not be able to do the set up you planned for so don't give up, face it in a different manner and go with your instincts. Like a wrestler, whether he wins or loses his instincts will always get the best of him because if he makes a mistake he's done but if he finds a way to get a move on his enemy and instinctively finds the right moves at the right time he will dominate. Learn to dominate my friend.

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