Thursday, December 4, 2014

Like Moving Through Clay

    Just got done with a great DDP Yoga workout doing his Red Hot Core and added in some improvised training to spice it up. Feeling awesome and the energy is flowing like a beautiful river. When you feel like you got your ass kicked but feel strong at the end at the same time you know you're doing something right. I love hardcore training at times where you just bust out and go into beast mode but hardcore doesn't always tough and rugged, it also could mean just sweating out a great workout and engaging everything and hardly have to move at all. Depending on the weather you may not always want to go somewhere if you want to get a workout in. It's cold as hell here in Idaho the highest right now is at best 28 degrees. I'm not a winter person, I'm from sunny California god dammit, so in the winter I tend to stay indoors and train but in the summer I'm hardly in the house unless it's way too hot out (gets into the 100's at times) but I'm out swimming, sprinting at the park, being out in nature and climbing a tree or two. However when it comes to certain training, DDP Yoga has a place just about anywhere.


    In the old days before steroids, supplements and artificial HGH, athletes built their bodies to the degree where if you wanted to build real muscle you needed real training methods. Some Weight lifted, did gymnastics, wrestled, play ball, did a lot of manual labor and other things of those sorts but often especially in the muscle building world the most common form of building natural muscle mass was the method of Muscle Control. You engaged the muscles to the point where you can flex and relax practically anywhere on the body from the neck to the calves. When you flex the muscle you're building pressure into the blood stream and when you relax it flows. When the tissue breaks down it has to repair itself but yet it doesn't grow back the same way, it has to get bigger in order for it to be useable. Now natural muscle building of this caliber may not make you look like a bloated bodybuilder but it does help create more blood flow, increase the metabolism to burn off fat tissue and naturally structure the body so when that unwanted fat is out, you have built an athletic style physique. In DDP Yoga this applies to many of the exercises in the system because as you move while engaging the muscles, you're building up the heart rate and your breathing becomes erratic. The breathing is the second most important, as you move through the exercises breathe naturally as possible with a good sense of inhaling and exhaling. A lot of people don't realize how their breathing because paying attention to it isn't in their common sense so usually when they hold a posture or go through a movement, they hold the breath which can lead to a series of problems you don't want like inflammation, high blood pressure, migraines and even hernias. Breathe and learn when and how to engage the muscles needed.


    In the program as he takes you through the exercises he tells you to adjust according to your body's needs and level of difficulty. Some of the exercises are insanely difficult especially in his Extreme program and even some of the advanced programs leading up to Extreme. Even if you can't keep up that's fine, work within your own level and do the best to your abilities. That's one of the great things about this system, you're not expected to be this elite trainee and there's no pressure on how you want to level up, it is up to you and making it your own. I love that and I love the philosophy behind it because it's better to be your own trainer than to have someone push you when you're not ready. I've seen some trainers that are complete jerks and don't really give a damn about how to progress someone, they push them until they can't take it and push some more. This isn't the fucking army, it's about making the best of your abilities and progressing at a level suited to the individual. I use to feel guilty because I couldn't keep up with some people and thought I wasn't good enough. After realizing that being true to myself and training according to what I want to do, I felt better and I progressed quicker in other systems. When you learn to intuitively engage your muscles into your exercise, you're getting a sense of how to train for you and understanding what works for you.


    Anybody can train if they put their mind to it, from the disabled to the elite pro athlete, it takes effort and commitment but there are possibilities. I've gone from being close to death at 14 months and broken legs at 20 to being able to bend spikes, do handstand push-ups and even throw in 1000+ Hindu Squats. Some people have had far more trauma than I ever did and they came back with a vengeance. You can do something if your heart is set on it and you have the drive to go after it. I've been overweight as a teen and at 20 and was skinny before being a teenager and now at 30 at 5'10 250+ pounds I've got enough muscle on me to do what I want to do and do things people close to me have said were impossible to do. You have the power my friend and you always have, question is how do you plan on getting it out and make the best of what you have and go even higher? DDP Yoga can give you tools you never thought existed before and take you to levels of fitness even superior athletes would be impressed by. Make it your own and get your hands on one of the best systems in the world today.


Happy Thor's Day everyone, be awesome and go for the BANG!!!!

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