Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why Create Your Own Workout

    There are those who teach a fitness class, have a DVD, follow along seminar training and other ways to have people follow what you do. For most following along someone is all they'll ever do, I do it from time to time but for totally different reasons. To me at first it's just learning what I want to experiment with and what I'm interested in but I draw the line after that because my brain cannot process the idea of not just training but trying to keep up with the other person. Some people can do that and that's fine but you're also missing out building your own style of training that's not just physical but mental as well. This is part of the reason why I do things my own way, I have to build my brain differently because I cannot think or do things the general population does, things have to be broken down to the smallest detail that I can understand and if it's any interest to me than I progress quickly but if it's frustrating for from the very beginning I move at a much slower pace or I quit. I love learning and feeding my knowledge like a sponge but like some others I have a very different process system so I work within ways that are comfortable for me and challenging. Build your brain through movement at your own accord.


    It doesn't matter if you a favorite program or a favorite exercise, if something is interesting to you and you want to learn at your own pace than do it. Learn the exercises that seam pleasing to you and challenging enough that gives you the drive to be better because if you just go through stuff you hate, you're not going to make the progress you want. Bruce Lee said it best "do what's useful, discard what doesn't" it is very simple yet most make it more complicated than it has to be. It's understandable to not realize what you may or may not want to learn but something will trigger you and you'll be interested in it or you'll hate it. I have learned hundreds of exercises over the years (17+) and yet only a fraction are the ones I really do that make me happy and interested. Nobody in their right mind would do exercises they completely hate and someone once told "it doesn't get easier." If you want to get the best out your training, find the real exercises that are challenging and interesting to you, here's what I say "Nothing gets easier, but it can get interesting" that's a more positive note and feeling less like a failure and feeling like you're winning a competition against yourself.


    Nobody knows what you're really thinking except you. You have different goals, different thought process and you progress differently. In order to get to that optimum level, you have to challenge yourself, not others so when you have built a foundation for what you want to focus on, create something around it that is suited to you. Mix and match your own routine, do challenge workouts that you are willing to do and take your progress to a level that is within your own reach. Nobody can do your goals for you, you can be inspired and influenced but if you want something and it's the best, you have to go and get it yourself. Focus on what's important to you and educate yourself. This is the type of thing I have learned throughout my life in everything I do, even in college most of the classes I took were in fitness and some of the things I did didn't appeal to me so I tweaked them to my liking and I was better at educating myself by learning who I wanted to learn from and use their influence to build my own thing. I do want to get better at becoming certified in certain areas but I've also had some cool experiences training people and learning my own physiology and anatomy.


    One athlete I admire that made a living after his athletic career is Diamond Dallas Page of DDP Yoga fame. He has done a hell of a job turning an ancient art into a cardio busting, strength building and conditioning style of training that is fun, interesting and different. A motto of his is that "Make it your own" where you progress at your own level and do the best of your abilities and if you need to rest every now and then do it but keep challenging yourself and push when you're ready to push. I have followed this motto for nearly 10 years before I even heard it from the guy so it appealed to me right away. Learn with the best intentions and create what you want instead of others telling you what to do. Progress at your own pace, find things that are interesting to you and challenge yourself so you can get to that next level. Encourage others instead of putting them down, you have one mind and one body so use them to what works best for you. Study who and what you want to know and learn. Make opportunities for you and create your own destiny because nothing is sweeter than building something that you have done and made an impact on it.


Happy Tuesday everyone, hope you all got your shopping done for xmas and had a wonderful holiday weekend. Be awesome my friends.



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