Friday, December 5, 2014

What Makes YOU So Special

    Do you feel you're more or less important than everyone else? It's a matter of belief within yourself that's important and what is special to you. There are over 6 billion people in the world yet less than a fraction of a fraction of a fraction are "important" people. There's always been a family that has someone who is the black sheep or the most special person within the group and people either praise or criticize that person. Do you feel special because you won a race or beat someone in a match? How are you that much more important than the other person. You're a human being just like the rest of us. You may have less or more important responsibilities and you're aware or not of what's around you but how you feel makes more of a difference than anything else.


    Practically everything comes in pairs; the jock and the nerd, the artist and the critic, burgers and fries, the strongman and the weak skinny kid. Being divided or meshed together is part of our daily life. Things will work together, some won't, you'll either be praised or criticized it's going to happen. Working within a divided complexity is a tough thing to really describe or comprehend. Just like a movie where there's the hero and the villain, each have their own story but with the right chemistry they will fight with the best of intentions and we're in awe (Batman & Joker anyone?). Why compare yourself to someone or something else when you are the person that truly matters within your very own soul? Sure we want to feel special when we do something good, heroic, out of nowhere and/or feeling like we need approval. Most of the time we try to do something outside of ourselves instead of truly feeling from within, again we are divided. When you feel something from within that not only takes your breath away but makes you feel stronger and powerful because you looked within yourself, not from others or have others make you feel it was you all along.


    What makes you stand out? Are you a pro athlete, average person, a businessman, a significant figure in our time or history? Where do you draw the line? Just because you can shoot a ball, wrestle or lift the heaviest weight, it doesn't make you any less than the guy who can't do all those things. We are different and come in all shapes, sizes, personality but we are also a part of a similar system; we shed the same blood, we have a love/hate towards something or someone, we all have a capability to improve who we are and we have a mind and a body. So why feel the need to think you have a better shot at being better than someone else. Yes we have men and women who have a role but whatever role that is, we tend to make it complicated because who is dominant over who and who takes over what. Whatever you're good or bad at you are a special person in your own right. Now I'm not saying someone who kills or has a corrupt mindset is "Special" but we all need to realize is that being special is not about how many touchdowns you score or how many points you make or even how you generate a ton of money, being special is internal and living that is a privilege to have.


    Mind your own thing. Don't be putting someone down because of who they are or what they do. Be yourself, inspire people not for the sake of personal gain but because you have something that is true to you and you make the best out of it. When I say mind your own thing, I mean mind your own way of doing what works best for you. You're not Michael Jordan or the next Bill Gates, those guys are already taken so be special to who you are and whether you get praised or criticized the important thing is you are who you want to be. Create your own story, write your own life chapters and if you end up inspiring someone, awesome if not you're still you at the end of the day.


Philosophical Fitness: What could possibly go wrong with your training? You've been injured a few times, maybe even ended up in the hospital (hopefully never had to) so how is it linked? There's stupidity and then there's that mindset where pushing to the limit makes you a better man/woman in the quest to be better than yourself or others. Push past your own limits, not somebody else, you have strength within you no one else has and only you have the power to take it to a level that is greater than when you began in the first place. It's a journey not a competition.

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