Friday, December 12, 2014

Are You A Superhero In Training

    If you think about it, who doesn't want a superpower? Be able to jump high, run faster than the speed of light, have the strength of the hulk, fly from one place to another, superfast reflexes and/or accelerated healing abilities. We crave something more of ourselves because we are tired of being average and want to save the day, be able to handle ourselves in a fight, lift off a heavy object to save someone's like, carry a person to safety without fatiguing and even may want to heal from injuries faster. There are plenty of real life superheroes in the world but not enough to get people's attention a lot of the time unless you're a cop or a firefighter or someone in the military. I realize the exaggerated powers of a superhero aren't real but there are ways to accelerate your body's energy to have certain abilities and the way you channel your mind and body into them. I have met and talked to some of the strongest people on the planet, others that are lightning fast and even a few that can generate quick healing so I believe in the possibilities.


    The superheroes you see today in Marvel films and upcoming DC films are men and women who have taken their bodies to another level, putting on tons of muscle very fast and can do some slight damage, it's not everyday you see a guy like Hugh Jackman deadlift over 400 lbs. An average person can barely fathom that and although I find it impressive that's where I draw the line. What they put out in the muscle magazines is grossly dangerous and is not meant for the average person who wants to pack on muscle. If you're an actor being put up for a role where they need you to be super muscular (Jackman, Hemsworth, Evans) and need to have it within an extremely short amount of time like say 4-5 months; there's nothing average about what they do, they put in hours of gym training and an exaggerated diet to pack on muscle and burn fat like a mother plus being able to get to work for long hours in the day. What's not in the magazines is what goes on behind the scenes of shooting a movie and how long they really are in the gym. Unless you're in the movie business and overseeing what unfolds you can't possibly know what they're doing, some of them most likely do steroids to speed up the process, it's not an impossibility. To really put on some cool superhero realistic muscle, it takes dedication, patience and goals that are on the level depending on the person's body type, health and tolerance for length of training. I believe you can have kick ass muscle and learn the qualities of having a physique along with a balanced level of hormones.


    One of the greatest programs that helps you gain realistic strength and speed is called CoreForce Energy. It is a system that goes beyond lifting heavier weights, running faster and having quicker reflexes, it teaches how to incorporate your imagination to be congruent with your body's ability to move and feel out that surge of energy. I have practiced this system off and on since about 2007-8 and have made progress really fast in other fitness programs throughout the years including DDP Yoga which has some of the toughest workouts you'll ever be put through. Open up your mind, see things others can't and utilize them to generate strength and power that cannot be determined or explained any other way. Within us is powerful energy that our nerves can create to generate practically superhuman strength or endurance that we normally never use, how can you do that. With the techniques you'll learn in CoreForce Energy that include how you breathe, move faster at a relaxed state and integrate your mental realm with physical sounds that can have you nearly triple your strength within the snap of your fingers. I'm a thick 5'10 and 255 lbs. man that shouldn't be able to swim fast or have great flexibility yet I can hold my own in the water and fall back into a bridge on my head from standing and run pretty damn fast for someone my size. You can have great power just by how you focus and how you move. It takes practice but you'll be shocked how you'll be able to do things you thought you couldn't do and anyone can do this.


    Think what it would be like to smash through your workouts with something left in the tank, be able to heal your body fast, generate three times the amount of your normal strength and even run like a super-charged battery. It doesn't take up a lot of time to learn a few techniques but it takes practice and having an open mind to unlock the realm of what is supposedly the unknown to the average narrow minded person. Think of the shaolin Monks who can do these incredible feats and yet they're not big dudes most weigh less than 175 and are not taller than 5'8 yet their strength, healing abilities and their jumping is just unbelievable. Learn what it would be like to be less injured, do what you love and being pain-free and supple. Have the real powers of a superhero and tackle your obstacles with ease and do so being happy, clear minded and super productive.



Philosophical Fitness: It is not your job to try impress others who don't give a damn about what you do. Your training is your own and how you do it is your choice. Being impressive doesn't make you a badass. If you want people to notice you, find the ones that actually are in the same field or share your passion with people that may want to do something else and not exactly what you do. Inspiring people is a beautiful gift, show them what's possible and have a positive influence, not pretend to be some cool person and be a total jackass.

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