Monday, December 15, 2014

Spread It Around

    Why would you settle for on big workout in your entire day? Maybe that's the only one you'll have time for because of other commitments or responsibilities. How long would be your big workout of the day, an hour/less/more, I guess it would depend on your effort and dedication to get what you need to do done. I have had my share of long workouts from 30 minutes up to 90 or more in one shot (I did try out for wrestling and those were brutal). Some people just don't have that amount of time but whatever time you have, use it wisely. I'm more in tuned to train throughout the day doing little exercises here and there for a few minutes. There was a course you can look to called Muscle Reminders but unfortunately it's not available at the moment but you do have another option and you're talking to him.


    Do you really want to sit on your ass all day withering away? I hate that, I love to move around, even when I was confined to a wheel chair I did little things not because I had no choice but also because I'd get bored. There are no excuses to do a few things here and there. Exercise helps your brain, bring blood flow to your body, and keep you energized. You can work out almost anywhere and you can even hide it if you know the right tools. What about being at your favorite grocery store picking up food for your family; get one of those little baskets and as you walk up and down the aisles with food in them, do a couple curls with each arm, maybe a row or two. When you get the big ones on wheels, you can go into an aisle and when you stop, grip the handles with one or 2 hands and squeeze for 5 seconds every few rows or so to build up that grip strength. How about at the office in that little cubical you may work in; instead of just typing away getting possible Carpal Tunnel and elbow/shoulder tendonitis, every few minutes or so press your feet into the ground for a few seconds, flex and do curls while sitting in your chair, using muscular tension simulate doing pulldowns or press on the arms of the chair for a few seconds. You can even exercise while at a stop light (don't ever do this while driving) by gripping and pulling/pushing or the steering wheel for 3 seconds in various positions or clasp your hands together and press hard for 3-5 seconds. Your home or the gym aren't the only places to train anymore and never really have been.


    You absolutely do not need to do hundreds of exercises everyday, not many people can even fathom remembering that many. Just do enough throughout your day that feels good to you. Experiment with different things, now it may look very odd to be doing push-ups in the middle of the grocery store or squats in line at a movie so save those for the park or wherever not many people are around but do little things that aren't obvious to notice, Isometrics are great for this, like at a restaurant while you're eating, put your other arm on the table and press into it for a few seconds or squeeze the sides in various directions, nobody really notices these things yet you're getting something out of it. At an event that requires your presence (boy that sounds stuck up don't you think)? You can even do a thing or two there, like talking to a colleague or someone you just met, try to squeeze your legs together without actually bringing them together flexing those adductors, or you flex your abdominals and breathing deeply and naturally. You can practically get away with some of the best exercises on the planet and no one would suspect a thing even in plain sight. Pretty cool huh?


    Everyone and their dying grandmother has a favorite TV show or movie they like to watch. I don't know about you guys but cable is way overrated and takes the fun out of watching your favorite shows or movies on regular TV. However if you happen to have cable (I'd be shocked if you didn't) and you hate those dumbass, unworthy piece of shit commercials what can you do until the show comes back on? Many things but a set of push-ups/squats/sit-ups ought to do the trick, there's 10-30 seconds per commercial that goes for about 2 minutes or so, so you can knock out about 10 reps an exercise or if you happen to have rubber cables, make the time to do some training, a few curls, presses, pulling movements, why not go knock out some pull-ups or handstand push-ups if you can do them. It doesn't take a genius to figure out some basic exercises to do. In a Wheel Chair, work your arms and do dynamic resistance to simulate various exercises like dumbbells. Learn an experiment as much as you can. Keep the blood flowing and burn calories throughout the day by doing small exercises. I like Netflix and Amazon when I don't want to put on a DVD/Blu-Ray so whenever a show is over and about to go to the next one, I stop and move around for a bit even just a few stretches. In the summer I do my best to stay outside as much as possible, getting that vitamin D, going swimming, taking a nice long walk, play at the park or mess around in the backyard and so should you if you live in a beautiful area. Make your training your own, make the effort and do what you can.


Philosophical Fitness: Ever wonder why most fitness trends or fads suck? It's because they're temporarily looked at as this big huge thing that's suppose to help people and bring new ideas to help develop the individual when in reality they're money grabbing leeches that feed off people's gullibility and tell you what is legit and what is wrong with anything else. Just like a TV show, it'll be on than it will leave within a period of time, sometimes short, other times longer than expected and you're either going to be hooked or you'll change the channel. Follow what's in your heart, learn and stick to what made you hooked on it in the first place, because you love it and cherish it.
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