Thursday, December 11, 2014

Get A Real Gift For The Holidays

    Getting a gift for someone around this time of year isn't always easy. Some stores either run out or you just couldn't get it in time. There are gifts you receive that don't always pan out. If you're getting a gift for someone should it be meaningful, genuine and from the heart? I realize you can't get everything you ever wished Santa would like to bring you but if it's reasonable and you can get would you want to? I like to be able to bring someone a present that actually means something and not meaningless like a cheesy gift card. I have been there when I've been asked what I wanted and I end up feeling disappointed because they either didn't care or just that it was too much for them to handle. I hate that, I'd rather be happy not getting a damn thing than receive something that just didn't have any love towards it. Giving a present that holds dear to me that's what I like to do or could do, make a cd for someone of their favorite songs or buy a movie that they don't have yet or make a card that is so unique Hallmark would envy. Do something original and unique whether giving or receiving.


    The true gift most don't realize they already have or noticed isn't a toy or a necklace or a new tv or hell if you're rich buying someone a new house or car, those are just things and really this time of year is more for the kids than anything but that's beside the point. Love and being with the people that mean the world to you and sharing in laughter, fun and being true to who you are, that's the greatest gift of all. There are people out there who can't be with their loved ones this holiday season and wherever you are, I want you to know that all of you are awesome and I have faith that you can have the most bad ass Xmas you'll ever have. If you're alone or with people you love, don't be throwing out any negative bullshit or have secret agendas or force yourself to be happy because it just doesn't have that real feeling of joy and sharing with your fellow man or woman. It's a hectic time of the year and there's stress all over, you can be happy or try to keep your spirits up but you know what, make the time to chill out, relax and take a breath. Stress makes things worse and when you're running around trying to get all your shit done, you could end up forgetting what's really important and that's to just take in the moment and be at peace.


    Around this time of year is when the pounds start rising and the food just looks so damn good. If you're on a good fitness program keep it up and get an extra workout or two every now and then because when everything is ready and the stress gets a little out there, exercise brings out that hard stress and puts you into a mood that could change the very foundation of your emotional state. Be on your toes and train with fire, passion and do enough so you'll be hungry enough to eat what you love and not feel any guilt. Make the best of things and do what works best for you.


    Back to gifting; if I want to get a gift for someone or receive it, I believe there ought to be a significance to it. Something truly special and heartfelt that tells you it didn't just be a typical gift but something you know that's real and emotionally genuine. Do something unique, share in something that's between you and someone else no matter who it is and do it out of love and care and not just for the sake of getting someone something. I believe in how the energy feels around us and it's not that hard to feel something might be off or something is really there. Getting someone something just for the sake of getting it isn't cool to me at all, it's hurtful, offensive and it could even be heart breaking. Be real guys, show how you really mean to someone when you get them something if you plan on getting anything. It's awesome to get a present but it's even better when have a gift already infront of you and it only has that real feeling only you can understand. Have a wonderful holiday season, enjoy your time with the ones you love and laugh your ass because you feel like it and it makes you happy.
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