Monday, September 15, 2014

Unleashing The Beast Within

    There comes a time in your training whether it be within a few weeks, days maybe even months when your body begins to tell you something. You start to feel like something just isn't right even though you may have gotten great results and/or you just need to go a different route and not feel like you're dreading the same shit over and over. I love sprints and from personal experience they are a key to burning off fat faster than any other method and will put on muscle quick but after nearly a month of them, my body and my mind have decided to tell me to move onto something else. This has happened to all of us and we can be the most dedicated trainee we can be but also it's time to do something new, exciting that will bring you results you haven't felt or seen yet. It's time to change it up a bit.


    Your body can speak to you if you listen closely. There can be times where it's screaming in agony even though there's silence all around you and you feel something that isn't right, that's your body giving you signals and it doesn't matter whether you're sore or tired but in your mind there's something to give here. We can push to our absolute limits and we won't always listen to what our bodies are telling us because we block out the pain or the agony which is not always a good idea but if you pay attention let your body be heard. Unleashing our inner beast is not about pushing to the outmost limit but about letting it out in a certain time that we need it and then let it rest until we are ready again. You can't expect your body to be pushed to the limit and then keep going for days on end, you'll end up injured and/or burnt out and you won't get the results you deserve so you'll end up with what you'll get. It is perfectly fine to just go hard for a while and then rest when needed.


    One of my all-time favorite training methods is doing Animal Movements. You mimic the style of animal that is powerful, strong, and fast and develop strength in awkward positions that you normally don't go into and using muscles you didn't realize existed. They are the perfect prototype of the term "Less Is More" because they don't take a long time to do and you're unlocking a part of yourself that you normally don't use in the gym or wherever else. They make training interesting and exciting, there's no need for sets and reps you can just go for distance and/or time if you wish and you have more freedom. If you happen to find an animal that you like to move more often than the others that's another way of listening to your body. It is telling you that you are moving like your Animal Spirit or as they say in Mortal Kombat your Animality. If you want to do long workouts with them great but it's also ok to do them even shorter because they take up the whole body to be able to do them and the tempo changes, you move from one animal to the next and you can even set them up for playing. You don't need to do a ton of exercises to get results, pick a few and hammer them out for up to a half hour or less and you're golden.


    If you listen to your body, you can actually hear the beast within you and when you're ready to unleash it, look out and get ready to jump start your hormones, create a better metabolism and develop strength and other attributes you haven't seen before or in a very long time. It's not easy listening to the body because people believe in order to get results they have to push themselves more and more and let the mind take care of your body and not your instincts; now some of that is true when your mind pushes you more but also you have to take care of yourself and rest when you need to. Think of the wild animal, it doesn't push itself to the limit so they can have a great body, they need to survive otherwise they're a goner so they use their instincts by moving fast when they need to, resting when they need to and use their strength when it's called upon them. We can learn a lot from this because as humans we are the most complicated species on the planet and we don't listen to ourselves and our bodies when they may need us the most or not needed as much. Believe that you can get strong and healthy but also listen and learn to read signals within you. It's like the concept of Three Bears; there are things that are too big to handle, others that just don't work well for you but there's something that is just right and it works well in your favor, learn to harness that and listen to that beast within you. Use your strength when it's called upon, train with the intent of pushing your body just enough and rest when needed. Simple, easy to remember and also have fun and make it an adventure instead of an unwanted chore, you'll notice the difference when you find that out.


Hope everyone had a great weekend and get the start of a new week off right. Unleash the inner beast within and be awesome. 15 days left until I take down my offer as a bonus for buying great stuff on here.

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