Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why Build An In Home Gym?


      Actually it should be create your own in-home gym but the principle still applies. Now most people who want to work out feel like they need to join a gym. They pay sometimes up to $100 or more a month but on average it's between 40-60 a month and how often do you go? Have you gotten results, do you just slack off or bust your ass? How about what you use like mostly machines or cardio and how about your aerobics classes? There are times like a lot of people do where they just spend money to join up and not even go at all so what did you really gain out of it? I think for some people the gym is awesome and it can be if you really know how to work into it and have fun plus you get to do crazy things (then again crazy is a sin at Planet Fitness go figure) but also it can be a pain in the ass when you have to drive there which in a nutshell you have to pay gas eventually, there are people at the gym who complete idiots and at times complete assholes who only think of themselves and you have sweat all over the equipment and the hygiene is not always pleasant. I say save your hard earned money and invest in a creative home gym.


    When you build up your gym over time you don't need to get the machines or the cardio crap but a few things here and there that don't take up too much space and there's enough for you to train with. You can even put a few things outside and train in the outdoors where there's fresh air and you're getting your vitamin D and not some screwed up heated gym with a fan blowing. Some of the strongest and fittest people in the old days made gyms out in their backyard, a barn, ran sprints on their speck of land because back then gyms were an extreme few and you'd be lucky to find one that wasn't in a major city like Philadelphia, LA, New York, Chicago or even San Francisco. When you have equipped yourself with certain things that are simple to use and not complicated, you can use them anytime you want and nobody will ever bother you to ask for them in the middle of your training. Whatever is available to you would be right there. For me I have my own little living space with enough room to train and have some space for my stuff in the back wall. If you rather put them in a box awesome, when you're ready take out what you want and have at it. Get yourself some Lifeline Cables to supplement your weights because they're easier to travel with, get some kettlebells if you're into that and put them in a space that's convenient for you, why not a few sledgehammers you can pick up at Home Depot and a tire from the junk yard. Be creative and if you can't afford all the things you need than do what you can, find deals for cheaper things that won't break when you first use them, get a pull-up bar you can hang on the door and take off when you want for under $40 and far better useful than $2000 pull-up rack. Find what you can and invest overtime.


    One of the greatest things about having a home gym is that there's nobody to distract you (unless you have neighbors who are complete jackasses, trust me I've been there) but you don't have excuses, you can turn on your own music instead of listening to random tunes at the gym (some are good but I don't find it training acceptable to listen to Michael Jackson or similar tunes that just don't work for me) and even more importantly you can focus on what you truly want to do instead of having to cater to people by moving out of the way, listening to some dumb ass on his cell and see some jerkoff laughing playing angry birds on his IPad. The only person that can distract you is you in this case. When you're done training, your shower is right near you, have your own clothes just a few feet away and you can eat what you need right in your own fridge. Look at it this way; you save yourself a shitload of gas money, you're investing in your health, you save time by using only a fraction of your training time to do your responsibilities at home if you're trying to raise a family and you don't have some perv gloating at you (sorry ladies but it does happen whether you realize it or not) and you can wear whatever the hell you want.


    Last thing that has great benefit to training at home is that with certain things (like Cables, Push-up Handles ect) you can take them on the road with you if you choose to do so. If they can fit in your car and you're going on a trip it's very beneficial. I have the Lifeline Chest Expander which you can use for many things and I've taken that with me down to my trips to California because it's extremely light, can put it right in my clothes bag and get some awesome training in when I have the opportunity. A Kettlebell or Dumbbell might be stretching it because if you're going on a plane you might as well check it in instead of a carry on but on the bright side if you're at home and have some of those things you can get in some great heavy loaded training that makes cardio machines seem obsolete. I love being able to train at home, can do what I want whenever I want, get a great workout in under 30 minutes then hop in the shower, change, watch my favorite movie and kick back all within 10-20 feet. It's greater freedom and you get to spend time with the people you love and don't have to worry about being stuck in traffic just so you can run on a cardio machine. Invest but do it wisely, research and look into what can be beneficial for you and hell if you have kids, have them work out with you, a family that trains together bonds together.


Have a great Thor's Day everyone and get strong, be healthy and get in the best shape you can. Be awesome.
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