Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Smallest Fraction Factor

    When you see a fitness program you're really interested in or want to see what it's like, you jump in right away and just think you're so advanced and it's going to turn you into some kind of superman/woman. What happens when you do this; a lot of things, injuries can occur, you burn out too quickly and quit plus after doing it for like a week you think it's like every other program and it won't work. This is what the majority of people do when they join a gym, buy certain equipment or have some trainer down their throat pushing them when they can't possibly be ready. A lot of people feel that they need results within the first day and because their possibly far overweight it's not going to work for them and they discouraged. You want to talk about tough, take it from me, after my accident and learned to take my first steps again I dove into a fitness program that consisted of not 10-20 exercises but 3; squats, push-ups and bridging and I couldn't at first do 25 squats, 10 push-ups and a 30 sec. bridge felt like an eternity. It's about doing what you're interested and progress by even the smallest fraction.


    I call this the Smallest Fraction Factor because when you start out with something it doesn't matter if you're into Powerlifting, Hand Balancing, Pull-ups, Steel Bending hell even Crossfit; you learn the techniques, build yourself a foundation and start with little increments. Say you want to be a Powerlifter which consist of the Bench Press, Deadlift & Squat so you build up to a heavy weight that you can handle but that doesn't mean you go for a world record every workout. You progress the weight little by little because after a certain period of time and being smart about things you're making progress to lifting heavier and heavier weight over time. Sometimes you don't always do the full range of motion in a workout, sometimes you do partials to get strong in certain positions that will help you along the way in the full range of motion. Pull-ups are the same way, you may not be able to do a full pull-up at first so you start to just hang to build the grip strength and do so in different places of gripping the bar, as you get stronger you begin to pull yourself up but again don't be discouraged keep at it and as you pull-up hold the position you're stuck in and isometrically flex the muscles hard in that position, as you get better go up a little higher and same thing, flex the muscles in that position. You see little bits and pieces create a bigger entity. It's like putting together a puzzle with very small pieces, it takes patience and it takes thinking so when you do get all the pieces together what does it create? A big picture right?


    Like pieces to a puzzle, you're creating a small increase that makes the biggest impact later on. Think of a really incredible painter, he/she just doesn't slab on a few coats of paint and oil to create a picture they see it in their mind, the shapes, the abstracts, the colors and bit by bit they begin to see a beautiful piece of artwork. The smallest goals in your training can become your greatest ally because you're working towards something big right, so like the puzzle use the pieces that you have and even the smallest piece can fit into the big picture that you're creating. Create the picture you desire with the pieces you have in front of you.


    Why is Progression the key to all training? It's because when you start out, you just aren't strong and fit enough yet but you do little things here and there, increase weight by a mere couple pounds, hell some increase only a quarter of a pound and yet later on become extremely strong. In the pull-up, go up in mere inches and before you know it you're getting your head over the bar. In Hand Balancing, you start with a wall and as you get stronger, you move out to just using the ground and hold yourself up freely. Progress with great intention and be intelligent about it, use what's useful to get you to the next level even if it takes you a long time. Work into your goals that are reasonable for you and be adventurous with it. Too many people take things way too seriously and never make it fun enough to progress even quicker. Sometimes your goals don't always hit when you want them to and that happens but remember, you're doing something not many others will shoot for and that is what makes you unique.


Do the best you can and build yourself up with great emotion and fire burning within you. You want to be greatly fit and don't want to put in a whole mess of time, get yourself a copy of DDP Yoga and even if you can't hold yourself up at first or can't do a push-up, don't worry it will come and even by the smallest fraction of a movement you can make it happen. Be awesome and have a blast.

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