Tuesday, September 2, 2014

They Will Never Understand

    What makes you unique? Can you do things that makes others give you weird looks or vibes? When it comes to people especially in certain industries, they fear what they don't know or understand. Its human nature to feel that when you see someone do something extraordinary or even superhuman. I've gotten this many times even by my own blood and hear things like "don't hurt yourself", "Can you do that in the other room", "It's a shame nobody pays you for that" and a favorite "Don't do that in the middle of the floor when there's people around" (I was bridging and there were 3 people in the room and weren't doing anything). I like to feel I'm unique in my own way and can do things most people my age and size can't do especially in this era. Why don't I fear the things I do? Because I not only love it I challenge the norm and see what else I'm capable of and going that extra mile.


    Do you get put down for what you love? How can anyone with a brain even remotely tell you, you should do something else because they can't understand? It's messed up. You're not hurting anybody and what do they really fear it's certainly not you it's them and they hate what you're capable of. When you get to pull off something that not only makes you feel incredible in a positive and productive way and you get joy out of it, people want to try to take that away from you because they're not happy with themselves and they're too damn scared to do something that could give something to smile about and be grateful to do things others can't fathom. Not everyone is like this because on the other side of the coin, there are people who want to encourage you and help you succeed. The type of people that have similar interests and share a common goal of making themselves great by helping one another and cheer you on as you cheer for them. When people put you down for what you love it's not because they don't care it's because they can't do it and they don't want you to succeed and that helps them feel better (even though it really doesn't).


    For those that can't fathom what you're capable of or what you're willing to strive for, it is almost hurtful to be looked at as if you're some kind of freak of nature and you're too different for them. That's the beauty of being unique, you get to be different and lead your own path to what makes you happy and give you a reason to show your talent in ways the average person just doesn't have a clue. They don't have what you have and they're jealous as hell even though they won't show it or admit it, it is there. I love being able to fall back into a bridge and kick over when I'm able to, it's a beautiful feeling. Can't say the same for some people I know because they look at me and think "he's going to break his neck and he's too big for that." You know what that tells me, it says yeah say what you want and be a negative Nancy but I'm going to do what makes me happy and if you can't take than walk away from me. I'm tired of hiding of what I'm good at and you should never hide who you are.


    The people that don't see the positive things that you're good at will not support you (trust me, It's been said to me in my face) but yet you can find those that will and will push you to challenge your passion because they not only see the awesome things you're capable of but want you to share them with the world and can even make a living out of it. It doesn't matter if you're a writer, a hand balancer, a manager of a small store or even one of the world's strongest men; if you love what you do and you're great at it than keep doing it and never let go of that fire that burns within you. I believe in you and if you use what you can do in a positive and awesome way than by all means keep at it and don't think you're not strong enough to be better. Coming from a guy that was told that loved basketball at one time in his life that I would never be in the NBA no matter how hard I tried it hurts to listen to that shit. You are the most awesome person you can be and your limits are your own and if you want to reach for the stars than dammit do it. Make yourself stand out and have fun with it, if you love it and you learn to be the best at it that you are capable of making it than don't let anyone stop you. Keep at it and don't let assholes take you down when you can rise above them.

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