Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Workout Is Just A Workout

    The way most people look at exercise is that they just want it over with. Driving to the gym, slap on some clothes and do their little cardio sessions and baby weights plus a little Zumba or Jazzercise to "spice" it up. Sometimes people exercise just to get away from home and do their thing, nothing wrong with that but then there are those that take it so seriously they'll die before they don't have a great training session. For me in 9+ years of doing at least 1 workout every single day, I look at it as an opportunity to challenge my body, my mind and the way certain exercises feel with a sense of purpose and imagination. For the most part I'm a complete nerd when it comes to exercise and I've accepted that. People in the most sense don't really use their minds from an opened stand point, they're very analytical and don't realize that the right amount of things to use for your goals is not that much yet isolate the shit of out their bodies.


    Like a few people in fitness, I put passion into my exercise, I may not always show it but in my mind I'm firing up and I'll keep going until I feel I'm done. Those who train with fire and passion go beyond just a workout, it's a battle to who can keep up and the biggest competition is not that twerp bodybuilder with bunny weights, it's you against yourself. I've seen a lot of people in the gym and even a few train outside that train with a little finesse and have good technique but their energy just isn't there. It's like they do something just for the sake of doing it. It doesn't matter what you train as or what goals you're trying to achieve whether it's losing weight, building muscle, hold a handstand, pull the strongest cables or lift a weight you want to surpass; if you're passionate about it than use it to get the results you want.


    One secret I don't share with many people and now I'm giving it to you is that a real workout and I'm not talking about pushing your limits or getting psyched and all that stuff; what I'am talking about is that a great workout that is real and demanding for you is like telling a story. How do you introduce the story in your workouts, where's the conflict, do you have certain characters (exercises) that have something to say and how would you end it? Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end but it can't be just some mediocre story, it's how you play it out in your mind and putting it into action (training). You're creating a place in time where the way you feel and the way the story moves you. It's like a beautiful dance, you need rhythm, poise, and balance and most importantly you need to breathe life into it. How's that for a workout? It's not even a workout anymore, it's like a play and each chapter is one step closer to being stronger, more powerful and like an awesome ending it's going to change your mental state in a very cunning way.


    A great workout is flooded with intensity, not that getting mad and screaming crap but the focus and the drive to move faster, more efficient and strength that you didn't think you had in you. Many people can't understand this because there's no energy and no drive to do better. Sometimes the pace is slower or faster for some people but those that want to test themselves and see how far they're willing to go to get that intense focus to achieve the goals they strive for. One man I can name at the top of my head that is intense as you can get is Matti Marzel of Ferocious Strength; he's so adamant to be the very best at what he does that his intensity is felt throughout his writing and his videos as he breaks wrenches, does extremely advanced exercises on his fingertips and even holds himself up in ways some elite gymnasts can't fathom. He is that focused and he's just as intense from talking as he is training but the main point here is that he's one of extreme few individuals in this world that throws himself into this powerful state of mind and pushes himself to the point most are too damn afraid to go. A workout is never just a workout.


Happy Wednesday everyone. Keep it up and train hard during this mid week and be awesome. Looking for advice and coaching to help achieve your goals than grab $50 worth of products and as a bonus, I'll throw in a one-one free coaching session on skype. Check out the bottom of the site logo for more details.

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