Monday, September 1, 2014

Pracitce Enlightening Yourself

    There is no bad reason to be helpful to people. When you choose to help someone for good reasons or no reason at all it's empowering and gives you a sense of spiritual strength that not many in this world have but yet you also can't help everybody. However you can always learn to help yourself. There are things we can't always control so we learn to focus what we can to stabilize that balance. The practice is not just sitting in meditation or unlocking some secret of happiness, it's channeling our energy to understand who we are from both the inside and the outside and making the choice.


    Give yourself a chance to relax from within. You may or not be up and about for long periods of time but if you don't give yourself time to just relax on a mental and emotional level it'll come back and bite you on the ass. Some people I know do so much for others and try to give them the love and/or help they need no matter what it might be but they don't take care of themselves emotionally and sometimes they can become bitter and negative, it's not a knock to them it's cold hearted facts whether they admit it or not. Being in enlightment doesn't mean learning a philosophy and try to imitate it or read a book about something and then be an expert on it because you seem to know everything and it sure as hell doesn't mean that you can be the sweetest person in the room then be a cold hearted prick or a bitch and talk shit behind someone's back. Enlightment to me means being in balance with who you are and how you present yourself from an emotional stand point that has positive influences regardless of the way life throws at you.


    It doesn't get easier but it can make life a little more interesting. I do my best to handle myself in a productive way; not fight (verbally or physically), be open, try not to get offended (although it takes a ton to get offended) and don't listen to negative bullshit. I'm not perfect and neither are you but together we can learn how to better ourselves on a deeper level and understand the true power of our own spiritual strength. I'm not religious and don't put myself through organized religion but I 'am however a spiritual person in the sense where I look to what makes me happy and use it in positive ways like philosophy, love and channeling my inner strength to have a brightened life no matter what but if you give me crap, you'll hear about it. It's that balance that makes us human, the yin and yang of our inner universe.


    One of life's greatest gifts is the power to learn (and this takes a lifetime of experience) to challenge who you are in all aspects but never let go of who you are. The challenge is to find what makes you balance those things in life that make you happy, strong, weak, sad, deepened positivity and the way you look at the world yet hold onto the best things about yourself because there will be others that will try to take that away from you and some don't have the strength to hold on and give in to those who are destroying them yet some will just find a way to overpower them with love, kindness or things that don't have any real meaning to them and let go of those people in general. You possess a greater power than you'd like to believe but in order to achieve it, it takes practice, it takes learning experiences that are out of your control and sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to truly learn how to bounce back in all aspects physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Enlighten your being by choosing to learn how to better yourself from your perspective and build your own philosophy.


Happy Monday everyone. Be safe, be awesome and remember as a bonus for buying great stuff on the site you will get a free one-on-one coaching session with me. Look to the site on how to do this.
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