Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Adventure Of Movement

    As adults especially in today's society, we overanalyze movement and how it is supposed to suit us as oppose to just move freely and how it makes us better and fitter. As kids movement was practically mandatory for our everyday lives; running, playing tag, jumping, climbing on jungle gyms, digging in the sand, playing ball with friends on the streets or at a field and not having a care in the world. As we get older what happens to us; bad backs, eating a ton of crap, drinking a beer with our buddies and working until we can't even lift a finger cause of developed carpal tunnel or overdoing work that puts too much stress on our bodies and we "never" have time to just chill out and be free. Movement is supposed to be fun and exciting, the way we can adapt and learn our body's capabilities. Sure we have more responsibilities and making a living but that shouldn't stop you from having an awesome time and just move with glee.


    The key elements to moving naturally is running, jumping, climbing, swimming, lifting and moving in various practical directions, also the way we sit and crawl. Now lifting doesn't always mean moving dumbbells and barbell around but why not a rock or a keg to move onto a truck, lifting up yourself like in a pull-up or holding a handstand. We have been planted in our brains the last few decades that in order to get strong, we need to lift weights which is not entirely true because dumbbells and barbells have only been around maybe over 100 years as oppose to countless centuries of humans moving heavy boulders, Egyptians moving Pyramid stones to build monuments, loggers chopping down than moving heavy logs, pulling carriages out of the dirt and mud and what about moving a wheel barrel uphill to your cabin with firewood to keep your family warm in the winter. It's using the practicality of moving a heavy object whether just lifting or carrying it for that matter.


    Making movement an adventure would really begin with the imagination. You imagine being in a certain situation that has you moving in a specific and real life manner; say you're a under a house and need to crawl out, you can either go on all fours with the knees off the ground, your feet and hands are on the ground but your hips are off the ground like a crab walk, on your stomach and have to stay low or being on your back and using your shoulders/hips/feet to move out. There are all sorts of ways to make movement interesting. I like to imagine myself as Indiana Jones going into the catacombs of the temple of the Holy Grail and if I don't want my head or my body to be chopped up I need to kneel (or squat down) and roll, balance on the letters of Jehovah, walk across the path of god leaping from the lion's head (the bridge to the knight). Move with intent and creativity that is useful to help you stay healthy and strong, not just looking fit but being fit. I'm not a religious person and I normally don't associate myself with any organized religion but when you have a bad ass like Indy needing to move in serious ways in order to get to these religious artifacts and/or supply yourself with internal life from one of the last three Arthurian knights, you need to have an imagination to have that much fun. Your imagination enhances the adventure as you move even if you're in your house and can't go outside for some particular reason.


    Bring out that inner kid in you that wants to be free and move around; crawl, jump, run on the beach, go swimming, climb a tree (or do pull-ups), pick up a heavy rock and walk 10ft just to drop it, sprint down the dock and dive into the lake (just be careful). It's living to be happy and using practical and exciting meaning to move and love being able to just play. Money cannot buy happiness, useless materials can't bring a smile of joy and adventure has no boundaries. Yes making a living is important but never believe just because you make a few bucks here and there think it's going to solve all your problems. Want to be fit, move but move with joy, learn what works for you, get out for a few minutes and just be free and be yourself. Being cooped up can be a bitch and it's not always healthy (trust me I've been there) and make it wonderful. Be happy on your own terms, don't let some bullshit force come in and kick you to the ground, you have the power to fight back because your happiness starts within you not on the outside.

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