Thursday, September 18, 2014

It Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga

    I have written about DDP Yoga a few times and it doesn't get any harder to talk about the benefits and why it is one of the best ways to train. Almost all Yoga Programs have the same memo; build inner peace, sweat out the toxins, be at one with the universe and so on which is awesome and I'm all for building a spiritual connection but DDP Yoga is practically a whole other sport. It's nowhere near the level it should be in and it's bad-to-the-bone incredible when it comes to building strength, fat burning, isometric poses, flexibility and best of all Muscle Control. I started training it in June so for three months off and on it has been a blessing. I do all kinds of training but this has helped me lose weight that I needed and didn't change much of my eating habits. I was 261 three months ago and although still could do some crazy stuff, my flexibility was lagging and didn't want to keep doing the same type of training so I turned to DDP Yoga and now I'm down in the low 250's and edging closer to the 240's which has been over a year since I was at that weight.


    The thing with Diamond Dallas Page is that he's not your typical Yoga instructor that gives you spiritual guidance and how beautiful life is; he's vulgar, hardcore and straight to the point. He doesn't beat around the bush and he will get in your face if he notices something up. He doesn't push someone around but he will whip your ass into shape and he'll do it without blinking an eye. I like that in guys who want to help people, no need to sugarcoat anything just right between the eyes and being up front about it. Because of that attitude it makes him more relatable to people and some might be uncomfortable about the way he talks but he'll just move on and being who he truly is. Like a lot of wrestling fans during the Monday Night Wars I watched DDP on TV wrestling the biggest names and I enjoyed it, I even saw him live in San Francisco at WCW's SuperBrawl and that was a rough crowd especially where me and my dad sat, we stayed the entire show although we nearly left about 10 times. Anyway, it's great to find an athlete that not only saved his career and build a new one that made him even more famous but also other wrestlers that have fallen off the deep end because of living life in the fast lane and depression.


    Because of wrestlers like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Chris Jericho, Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall, Goldust and other pro wrestlers, the wrestling business is shaping up to become better in terms of ring work and the agility that Jericho and a few others possess that make up an awesome match show that a wrestler doesn't have to age and be broken down. Sure guys like Hall and Roberts won't get in the ring anymore but there are guys that still have a chance to make an impact much later in their careers. When you open up the muscles and really stretch the kinks out, you'll feel like a new person and for a pro wrestler to feel that every match while on DDP Yoga it's practically a meal ticket to making a career that will shape the very foundation of their craft. I've been a wrestling fan ever since I was 11/12 years old and although I don't really care much for the storylines anymore (let's face it after the Attitude Era, stories aren't as effective anymore) but I always admired the ring work these guys put in especially the high flyers and technical wrestlers. When I see some good Chain Wrestling, Psychology being played and numerous submissions and suplexes I'm a happy guy. DDP Yoga could shape the wrestling business in a way that's never been done before and give the guys and gals another tool that can keep them doing what they do best and stay that way even past their prime. The painkillers and steroids I believe will be less and less if DDP Yoga became the workout for wrestlers and keep them strong, healthy and out of the fast lane.


    I've done some Yoga in the past but DDP Yoga was worth the effort because it's not just the exercises and the way DDP trains people, its how it's presented and it's relatable. No cookie cutter bullshit, no saying of doing it my way or any of that. He lets you learn what you can do and build yourself up and in some cases some of the people that are true practitioners do the exercises better than DDP and he's cool with that. It's about making it your own and sharing your journey with others in the program. I've talked to some of these men and women and they are incredible people. I've even talked to DDP a couple times even on his radio show and as nervous as I was, he was still an open guy and was being himself. That's why DDP Yoga is worth getting and it may not have the largest impact in your life but it can help you achieve a level of fitness many these days never believe to be possible. It is never too late to get into awesome shape and you don't need to look like a super model or a bodybuilder but a person that is shaping your body both inside and outside with an attitude and zest for life.


Have a great Thor's Day everyone and remember to look at DDP Yoga. It will change the way you look at fitness forever. It has no bullshit hype, no actors to fill the mats in the videos but real life people who have transformed themselves into the best that they can be and are still going. Get at and as DDP says at the end of a workout BANG!!!

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