Friday, September 19, 2014

Animal Training To Burn Off Steam

    There are at times where we can be so hyper and we can't sit still that we need to move. It may not always be because we drank a highly caffeinated coffee or soda but it's our nature to not always just sit around all the time. Don't you find it odd that after sitting most of the day that once you get up you need to move around a while and feel tense and aggravated? I get really fidgety sometimes and my body is trying to tell me "Get up dumbass and move." Now there is thing called restless leg syndrome (which I think of one of the symptoms is breaking out in the river dance) so how do you get a hold on that and relax the muscles? I'd say if you need to move or blow off steam for whatever reason (hopefully not when you're at work or in the bathroom) than go do some animal exercises and just do what you need to do until you are completely wiped out.


    Even if we are not hyper and fidgety, we sometimes get angry or frustrated and we need to find a way to blow off steam that way. Here is another reason to do animal exercises, it shows when you move your body in awkward positions at a pretty decent clip it unleashes endorphins that distress the body and after exhausting yourself, in your mind you forget what you were mad at and you're too damn tired to be mad. Anger is an emotion and frustration is the feeling of that emotion. It doesn't matter why you're angry all that matters is you need to chill out. Do some deep breathing because when you get angry, you become shallow and you tense up and you're losing command of your inner power. It isn't not natural to be angry but you shouldn't hold it in or let it out too much otherwise you're losing what can be beautiful and loving from another point of view and letting go of the attachment. I get that way sometimes (actually often) because there are certain people who just piss me off and I feel hurt even though I need to learn that I should accept that's the type of people they are and not be attached to them hurting me, it's not an easy process (30 years of learning) but it helps me train to get my anger out of my system.


    One of the most difficult things in life is getting kids to behave and calm down when they want to run around and get into things or want to play more than they should. That's the problem with kids today, they don't get enough time to just run around and have fun when all they do is sit in a classroom. Also that's also one of the reasons why obesity has become the modern day plague in our country because they make kids not have enough time to exercise and they're taking away things that could actually keep them chilled out while in the classroom. They're taking down Jungle Gyms and the Monkey (Ape) Bars because of whatever reasons and I understand you don't want a child to get hurt. Hell in some country (maybe even our own) they're banning cartwheels because it's deemed too dangerous, give me a break. Before you know it they're going to ban walking because it's too dangerous and a kid can lose his leg or some ridiculous nonsense. If you want a healthy child than you got to let them move around and do it without making it a punishment. In Wild Animal Fitness For Kids it teaches how to structure a kid's exercise program that makes it fun and interesting for all ages and it even teaches not only individuality but also teamwork and friendly competition that is safe, beneficial and can even help your kid be smarter because of how it hits the brain when they exercise. I realize I'm not a parent or a teacher so I shouldn't be telling you how to raise your kid however, I've been around kids my entire life from all ages and have seen plenty of things to know that a kid wants to move and find things interesting to enable their imagination.


    When we blow off steam, or burn the energy, we relax and mellow out. It's those endorphins that kick in and taking care of the body and channel our levels of stress. With animal exercise, you are moving with your entire body not just parts like isolating muscles but every muscle in the body. When you use most of the muscles, you're gaining more muscle, burning off fat, jump start your metabolism and increasing growth hormones that aid you in staying young and keeping you recovered. For both adults and kids this is essential to making your body a machine that can go and have a positive impact on your muscular system and your central nervous system. One of things I love to do with animal exercises is playing a game where you roll a 20 sided dice and playing around with whatever animal comes up whether it be a bear, frog, ape, bird or whatever and just play around with it till it's time for me to stop. When it's over, I'm more relaxed, calmer, happier and at times hungrier than a bear in spring time but that's a good thing because food is fuel (depending on what you eat). Have fun and play while moving like a Wild Animal because it is not just a way to get super fit and strong but it can help you let go of the unwanted tension you have in your body and help you put more spring in your step so do speak.



Happy Friday everyone and get the animal fitness courses I've mentioned in this article because nothing gets you fit as fast that is fun and awesome to play with. When you move like an animal, it's not a workout, it's an adventure. Be awesome and have a wonderful weekend.

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