Thursday, September 4, 2014

Train During Minor Setbacks

    A lot of people take time off from training due to certain setbacks like a small injury, out of the blue car trip for whatever reason, kids get sick, cooking for a party and/or doing projects you need to get done. It's not easy getting the time in especially if you're a parent or someone who's on call for a job like a doctor or some who's time is spent a lot at work but if you want to get something done in your training you don't make excuses, you make compromises. You modify what you want to get done whether you have a few minutes or an hour to kill use it wisely. I recently came back from visiting friends and family in California and was running around being with my buds (mostly my best friend) and relaxing during certain times but always made time to train even if it was a few minutes. In Tahoe it was fun being able to train outdoors going swimming, climbing/jumping/crawling on the rocks and doing a little DDP Yoga while I had time to myself. For you it might be different but there's always a way to get something done even if it's just getting a few push-ups here and there or doing isometrics throughout the day. Make it work for you.


    Make a habit of training no matter what. Most look for an excuse and some may be understandable but for the most part you have 24hrs in a day, you can't spare 5 min. worth of exercise? Hell what can you do in that amount of time; 1 min. of Jump Rope, 1 min. of squats, 6 different Isometrics for 10 seconds each that's 3 min. so far, bear crawl for 30 seconds than do jumping jacks for 30 seconds and finish off with a 1 min. plank (with palms touching not forearms) and there you have 5 min. Adjust to what you want to do. Exercise can relieve stress and help you think clearer plus you're jump starting your heart rate which can burn fat, help build muscle and gain stamina. You do not need to do an hour of cardio and weights to get in shape who the hell has time for that? Unless you're a pro athlete, weightlifter, bodybuilder or fitness model your time is precious so make the best of it.


    Sometimes training in crunch time can be tough and you may have some doubts and you feel like you're not doing enough. I know a few people who bust their ass for what they do and the time they have to exercise is a very small window of opportunity but they make the time even if it means spreading out the exercises throughout the day. Don't bring yourself down when there's a simple solution. Do what you can and go on with your life. You have a choice to make the time or not to put in the effort and yes it's a small sacrifice but you have the power to do it.


    Enjoy what you can do, don't dread on about that you can only do this but you want to do something else but it takes longer make the time for what you need to do. Like I said you have choices no matter how big or small they are, if an opportunity arises than get your ass going. Give yourself a chance to train during certain setbacks because you put in what you get out of it. It's tough for a lot of people like on-call doctors, college students, factory workers, laborers, business men and women, contractors, architects and others so use the time that is open to get a little something done that will help your body and mind get stronger, fitter and less stressed.


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