Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer Is Around The Corner


           It’s almost beach season, school’s almost out, weather is getting warmer and people are flocking to beach sites. Some of you want that beach body that gives you a reason to take your shirt off, go jump in the water and make certain people make their heads turn. It’s a great goal to build a cool looking body. For women they want that toned abs, sexy, legs, one hell of an ass and a chest that makes guys say “daamn.” For guys it’s the powerful arms, washboard abs, legs that can go on forever, broad shoulders, maybe some mighty mitts and a chest that makes you stand out. It’s human nature to have attraction and magnetism so we focus mostly on the physical part. Not a bad thing but there’s still something missing.

            Physical appearance has had its share of good and bad sides to it and some people will do whatever it takes to look incredible but yet it costs them their health. Some people get Botox injections, take steroids to build extra muscle and some even get plastic surgery just to get a certain look but come on. We were made for a reason and we have the choice to do what we want with it but in my opinion if you truly want the confidence with your appearance, make the time and effort to do it, gain strength both internally and externally along with being as healthy as possible both inside and out, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you’re going to look like a cover model, might as well be strong to go with it.

            When it’s hot out, your body needs more water to hydrate because when you sweat, although toxins are fuming out of the body, you still need to keep your body running. Drink as much water as you can. Vitamin D is essential to your body’s nutrients and the sun is perfect for that. You remember if you use too much of anything it’s not good for you? Well the sun is no different. Keep your time out in the sun as best as possible because if you’re out too much, it’ll get you burned and you’ll be peeling skin for days.

            Sun screen is debatable when it comes down to it; there have been studies that it has a chance to cause cancer so if you plan on using it, don’t use a ton. I rarely ever wear it in the summer and I've done just fine, keep yourself in the water, when you need to dry off, go for it but throw a shirt on to keep your torso cool (don’t ever wear black, I've learned the hard way), put the towel around your legs and just kick back in a chair or on the sand or whatever. A good hour in the sun is pretty good as far as I know. If you’re  planning on spending an entire day at the beach, do intervals of being in water, drying off and keeping cool till the next time around. Getting a natural tan is good so I’d stay away from those shitty tanning beds, it’s not good for you so be safe.

            For the most part, have fun. Summer is about having a great time. Out with friends, family, kick ass BBQ’s, going to the beach, playing ball, run on the sand, jump off docks and best of all, kicking back in the sun and feeling like a billion bucks. If you want to build a body that you can be proud of, make the effort and do it within reason, train hard, eat as clean as possible, rest up and be yourself. Swimming is a great exercise and works the whole body from head to toe, not big on swimming, lift weights, do some hand balancing, be a wild animal do whatever you want, it’s summer damn it get your ass out there and make things happen for you.

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