Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Warrior Upper Body

Day 1

Short Swipe

Subject Suggestions:          What Is R.E.A.L. Functional Training?
                                                Are Your Functional Workouts Functional?
                                                #1 Functional Training Mistake Revealed
                                                How To Train To Look Great And Perform Even Better

You've probably heard of functional training right?

Functional training is in these days and it’s definitely here to stay but I see way to many people take it way too far down the “functional” path. Here’s what I mean…

Do you ever go the gym and see people standing on fluffy discs filled with air doing ridiculous exercises with pink bands? Is this real functional training?

I can’t remember the last time I was caught in a situation where I had to stand on an air filled disc and do side raises with a pink stretchy band. This is where most people go wrong, deciding to perform worthless “functional” exercises thinking that their doing themselves a favor.

So what is real functional training? And why should you do it?

If you take on serious functional training workouts, you will build an awesome looking body that looks great and performs even better! It’s the true key to lasting, powerful results and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise!

Here’s what R.E.A.L. Functional Training means according to my buddy and functional training guru Tyler…

Realistic Exercises
Executed With Perfect Form
At A High Intensity
Leaving You With A Body That Looks Good And Performs Even Better!

This is a great philosophy to hold your workout standard to and this is what I have seen gets people the best results! If you perform real movements, with good form at a high intensity you will get awesome results!!

Tyler’s a sharp dude and focuses on teaching people his R.E.A.L. Functional Training philosophy and his PM-3 method which promises to build a body that looks great and performs even better.

 Ben Bergman
P.S. Tyler’s new program takes all of his PM-3 ideas and put them into a brand new system called The Warrior Upper Body System. It literally teaches you to go from basic bodyweight and weighted exercises all the way to complex and bad to the bone bodyweight training and hardcore weight training. It covers every exercise in great detail and includes 45 done-for-you upper body workouts! PLUS today you can get it for 74% off.

Monday, February 25, 2013

. My Review Of Justametrics

When it comes to underground of the Physical Culture world, no one has held that title better than the man himself Steve Justa. For those that know little of him know about his book Rock, Iron, Steel that brought a whole new meaning to the term “Backyard Warrior.” This man was one of the top strongest men in the world with unofficial world records in lifting odd objects and other unusual styles of lifting. What some don’t know is his hand on how he uses Isometrics.

            A while back, he lost a large portion of his strength due to Type 2 Diabetes and his recovery is nothing short of a miracle. For a man once weighing near 400 lbs. lost a ridiculous amount of weight and had to completely turn his diet and training around, he began to work almost exclusively on Isometrics and changing his diet from drinking sodas and bad food to eating seaweed, high potent supplements and good whole foods. He has literally studied more on Isometrics than just about anyone in the Physical Culture World.

            Isometrics are a key ingredient to developing super strength because for one, you have nearly unlimited amount of exercises to use and can do them just about anywhere. Another look at them is that it builds the nerves in the body that help generate power in the tendons, ligaments and those little muscles most people neglect, most work on the major muscles. When you look at the DVDs onhow he uses Isometrics, its quite a sight despite being in a garage with a “little” rack he built but the principles still applies.

            There are some who believe isometrics is the cream of the crop for fitness and there are others that just seem to believe that its just as much bullshit as building superhuman strength through isolated movements. Justa’s intake on them is very unique and more philosophical than you would just train them. Just working so many muscles and tendons all in a period of time can be used anyway you want, work for holds, time what he calls jerk reps and how to apply them to anything you want to achieve. I like his style and he gives a pretty weird insight but hey it’s normal for him and I admire the man for that.

            Now granted he’s not your typical fitness dude and he even makes old school guys look weary but in the end he’s a man who lives in his own universe. The man dresses up as if he were Mel Gibson in Mad Max, you know, post-apocalyptic warrior type thing, end of the world fighting to survive type of guy. For him it’s another day at the office but for others he’s as weird and a little messed in the head but he doesn't give a damn. He’s not rich and live in a nice house; he lives practically out in the middle of no where in Harvard, Nebraska and doesn't many luxuries but yet, he’s got what he needs and mostly made himself. You see most guys in the old days trained in backyards, back woods and lifted or practiced different feats of strength but this is where Steve just takes it to a whole new level which at times I can’t even fathom but I love his idea of mastering your own style and making it your own.

            The reason why anyone in this wacky world of ours called Physical Culture should learn from Steve Justa is because he’s develop a way of training that can turn you into an athlete or just want to get crazy strong. Learning from him can give you a different perspective on how one should be training, yeah we all can lift a weight, lift a few barrels and do some basic bodyweight training but no one is at a level he’s been at and most likely never will be at. On these 2 DVDs alone, he shows practically over 1000 different Isometrics and a plethora of ways to do them that no one has seen.

            One of my favorite scenes on the videos is how he shows a unique way to train for Arm Wrestling. I modified my own method from his philosophy and my arms and whole body felt like they were on fire, worked different directions, held for certain periods of time and once did a total of 200 jerk reps and I felt incredible. He even talks about how he went from being one of the strongest men on the planet to literally falling over from the Diabetes to coming back far stronger and healthier than ever. It’s one of the most remarkable stories I ever heard.

            Watching the DVDs at first you might think “who the hell is this guy.” I know how you feel, I felt the same way but I kept an open mind and just paid attention to how he trains and what I can do to learn. I respect him for what he wants to do and I do love his style of training; no bullshit, just go out and do it, pace yourself and master your own way of training. Sure he’s a bit rough around the edges but that’s ok, I admire guys that are unique and would be a hell of a trip to train with him.

            If you’re serious about building strength in ways most people can’t, then get your ass in gear and get these DVDs, the investment is worth 100 times more than you’ll ever imagine. Imagine having strength from multiple angles, infusing rich blood into the muscles to stimulate growth and power, having tendons that are as strong as an ox and working many exercises as often as you want, however you want and in any amount of time you want.  Also, Isometrics have been known to help burn fat faster than almost every other method and you’ll learn how to lose weight. Get strong and toughen up your body like never before.

Monday, February 18, 2013

What’s The Point Of Daily Training?

            Many people get discouraged about the use of daily exercise because in their mind reading from the dumb-ass magazines, it has to be hardcore and the go big or go home attitude but most can’t deal with that and they just leave it alone. They don’t see the point but what if we shifted that mindset, instead of telling them and showing them the hardcore style; let’s show them how to progress on their own.

            Others might say they don’t have the time to exercise. Unless you’re working 24 hours a day, I think you can put in a little time to train. Doing a set of push-ups really quick doesn't take that long. You’re sitting at your desk, typing away when every few minutes or so, do a few simple exercises that take about what a few seconds on your counter-top  How about when you get home, you’re tired and worked a hard day, do some deep breathing exercises to help keep your energy up. There are many ways to make time yet you keep that negative mindset of not making the time. Do it.

            Daily exercise is beneficial because it helps release stress and builds up hormones in the day with the right amount of exercise but its tough to find your starting point. If you’re new to daily exercise it’s important to ease into it and build yourself up. Starting with a minute of exercise is very simple to do, if one minute is too much, start with 30 seconds. I want to encourage you to do what you can and make it a habit to have fun with it. The benefits of training helps your body function better, you’ll be happier because of the amount of endorphin's released, your attitude will change for the better and you’ll glow even more.

            The key to successful daily training is to have fun. Go to the park, play in the snow, throw the football around, be a wild animal. There are many ways to have fun. Jack Lalanne first emphasized this when he did his show way back in the 50’s and it’s still being used today.

            One of the things I've modified lately into my training is what’s called Animal Flow, it’s combining different elements into one program like Animal Exercise, Yoga and others but in a sufficient and safe manner and can be done anywhere. Another style of training I highly recommend is the use of Isometrics. There are many versions of this method but I can only think of a couple guys who have practiced just about every style possible on Isometrics and that’s Bud Jeffries and Steve Justa. If you’re really into wanting to build strength from every possible angle, Isometrics can help get you there and they’re crazy fun to do.

            With your daily training it’s important not to worry how well or bad you are, the important thing is to adapt, keep your body moving and do what you can. One of the most important figures in Wrestling was Karl Gotch who once said “You must adapt and improvise.” What this means is that you don’t have to do the same old routine all the time, to get the results you want, get fixated on what works for you and disregard what doesn't and adapt to how your body works into it.  There is no right or wrong on how you exercise, learn basic principles and learn how your body fits that exercise. We all have different body types and we all have to adapt to what our bodies can handle so don’t try to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jack Lalanne or whatever, be yourself and learn to take things one day at a time. You have only one life, use it to your best advantage and be happy.