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Warrior Upper Body

Day 1
Short Swipe
Subject Suggestions:          What Is R.E.A.L. Functional Training?                                                 Are Your Functional Workouts Functional?                                                 #1 Functional Training Mistake Revealed                                                 How To Train To Look Great And Perform Even Better
You've probably heard of functional training right?
Functional training is in these days and it’s definitely here to stay but I see way to many people take it way too far down the “functional” path. Here’s what I mean…
Do you ever go the gym and see people standing on fluffy discs filled with air doing ridiculous exercises with pink bands? Is this real functional training?
I can’t remember the last time I was caught in a situation where I had to stand on an air filled disc and do side raises with a pink stretchy band. This is where most people go wrong, deciding to perform worthless “functional” exercises thinking that their do…

. My Review Of Justametrics

When it comes to underground of the Physical Culture world, no one has held that title better than the man himself Steve Justa. For those that know little of him know about his book Rock, Iron, Steel that brought a whole new meaning to the term “Backyard Warrior.” This man was one of the top strongest men in the world with unofficial world records in lifting odd objects and other unusual styles of lifting. What some don’t know is his hand on how he uses Isometrics.
            A while back, he lost a large portion of his strength due to Type 2 Diabetes and his recovery is nothing short of a miracle. For a man once weighing near 400 lbs. lost a ridiculous amount of weight and had to completely turn his diet and training around, he began to work almost exclusively on Isometrics and changing his diet from drinking sodas and bad food to eating seaweed, high potent supplements and good whole foods. He has literally studied more on Isometrics than just about anyone in the Physical Culture…

What’s The Point Of Daily Training?

Many people get discouraged about the use of daily exercise because in their mind reading from the dumb-ass magazines, it has to be hardcore and the go big or go home attitude but most can’t deal with that and they just leave it alone. They don’t see the point but what if we shifted that mindset, instead of telling them and showing them the hardcore style; let’s show them how to progress on their own.
            Others might say they don’t have the time to exercise. Unless you’re working 24 hours a day, I think you can put in a little time to train. Doing a set of push-ups really quick doesn't take that long. You’re sitting at your desk, typing away when every few minutes or so, do a few simple exercises that take about what a few seconds on your counter-top  How about when you get home, you’re tired and worked a hard day, do some deep breathing exercises to help keep your energy up. There are many ways to make time yet you keep that negative mindset of not making th…