Monday, December 17, 2012

A Tragedy That Brings Up Another Wake Up Call For All Of Us

 The recent events of the Conn. Shootings have become not just a tragedy for the families and loved ones of those who were hurt and killed but another stepping stone to how our country is devastated and what we can do as a nation to help prevent these types of evil from ever happening again. I grew up in a daycare and have seen many kids come through, some of them I’m still friends with to this very day. Finding out about that many kids losing their life because some kid with very disturbed issues decided to go and take those lives. It makes me feel sick to my stomach to see people like this do something horrific. It did get to me because I care about kids more than most would ever know.

   Shaping a country from this kind of horrific event changes a persons mindset to how and why guns are apart of society anyway. It is without question that children shape the very foundation for this country whether it’s good or bad and to have someone take it away from them is just another way of saying “screw the world.” Anybody who knows me knows that I love kids and would do anything to help out and be there for them. Is this a rant on the shootings, no I do have a point coming but I wanted to express my sympathies and wish for the families of this tragedy to stay strong and find a way to give themselves peace. I’m not a parent but after being around so many kids and taking care of a few in my lifetime, I don’t want to imagine the type of pain of those who lost a child.

 We as a nation have dealt with evil for over 200 years and each year things become greater both good and evil but we still stand and fight for the future for those who come after us. This is the greatest country but we are not without flaws and trial & errors. To shape a country of this magnitude needs constant change but more importantly more self improvement from each and every one of us. Improve on helping kids do better in life, improve our quality of health both mental and physical and make compromises that people can understand and live with. It’s terrible we have to deal with evil of this caliber but in essence we must be prepared for it. I always believe its best to defend and not attack. Nobody was prepared for the shootings I get that but that’s another lesson we all could learn so we can prevent stuff like this again.

 When I heard that our leader Obama has gone to be there for the families takes real guts and personally I hate politics but when a man of that caliber goes out of his way to do that, make him a good man in my book. You can change the face of a whole country with just a few words and within those few words it will never leave your heart as a person. We all need to wake up and realize that our kids are the most precious things we have in this world, people have possessions that are precious to them but when a child’s life is on the line, none of that stuff matters. Love your kids and help them grow, be there for them no matter how bad or good a situation is. Show them how much you care and help them become something than you ever were.

 Bonding with your kids is one of the coolest things you can do and working together as a unit becomes brighter for both you and them. One of the things I learned in my 15 years of exercising and training different things is that when you have others who train alongside you or want to help you reach your full potential, it helps make this world a lot better. You help each other learn certain guidelines, values of health, working together as a team, quality time with your loved ones because you never know when they won’t be around again. I've spent much my adult life training and learning certain things on my own and don’t always have someone to help me or let me help them but when I’m around those who share that passion and want to learn from one another, I get stronger, healthier and get to bond with those that want the best for one another, family whether blood or not can have the same way.

 Whatever happened to that kid that made him the way he is, it’s tragic and disturbing but let’s not forgets he was once a little boy too. Do I sympathize to what he’s done; of course not if he lived he should rot in jail and pay the price for his actions but that’s not the case. It’s important to help those with severe problems and help them get better but yet we can only go so far to help them and it’s sad. I wish for everyone who’s been affected to be able to cope and find it in your heart to keep on living and finding a way to make your lives better and for the lives around you. In the words of the Beatles for this time of need “All you need is love.” Love each other; be there for one another and for the love of god, be kind and loving to your kids. We all have someone we love and cherish, don’t take it for granted otherwise you’ll wake up one day and they’re not there anymore.

 This nation needs to make changes; start small and build up, every little thing we change for the better will have a greater impact later on. Make things happen for you and your families. You have the power to create something great, do it and help pass it on to a future generation. Thank you all for who have read this and to the families of this horrific tragedy, you have my deepest and utmost sympathy and I hope you and your family will be able to keep loving and living with the best life you can make. 

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