Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Only Drug You Should Be Taking

 There are all sorts of ways to take this to relax and that to wake up but most of it is drugs or meds that can most likely kill you than help you. Even modern bodybuilders take drugs to build extra muscle to gain an edge in their competition just like other athletes and such. Drugs for the most part is the easy way out f your problems and lets face it, those commercials where they tell you the side-effects are far worse than what you're trying to get rid of. Unless you're dying than maybe but seriously, there are much better ways to get yourself healthy.

 If there was one drug that has no side-effects and works better than any drug or PEDs out there is consistent work ethic and training smart with an effective exercise program and eating good foods and stay away from junk food as much as possible. I may not have the best nutrition going on but I do my best to keep it going and keep building muscle and energy. When you build a goal and you set on training with consistency and putting in the time, you will accomplish what you want.

 The old-time strongmen of the early 20th century such as Maxick, John Grimek, George Hackenshmidt, Charles Atlas and others never even took drugs because they didn't exist in their time and yet with smart training and good nutrition they built some serious muscle and lived longer than your average bodybuilder or athlete today. Finding a program isn't easy to find or is it? Seriously though when you look at certain methods that have worked for god knows how long and gave you a sense of overcoming your own obstacles wouldn't you want to use that to have the body you want?

 Back in my late teens, I was a big kid (still am but as an adult) and I got up in lifting heavy weights rather quickly and every now and then either as a joke or actually asking I was asked if I was taking steroids because I had already reached 300 pounds in the deadlift and leg pressed nearly 950 while benching 260 and curling with 50-60 pound dumbbells but I was nowhere near the shape or strength that I have now compared to back then and yet I got asked that sketchy question that many athletes go through but to this day since I was asked it I continue to say no and you know why? I wanted to earn those lifts and earn the strength I wanted to gain. I'm much stronger and more built now and still say I'm earning it. A shortcut in your training is like cheating on a math test, you see the answers but what are you really learning from it. If you are looking to build great strength, awesome flexibility and insane endurance, taking a shortcut will do you more harm than good, trust me I've tried it by skipping progressions and ending up hurting myself. If you want something bad enough, earn it and earn it with passion, heart and will to get what you want.  

 The best program you can do won’t come from a magazine or following someone on a DVD, the best one is the one that works for you no matter what your schedule is and no matter what you want to do. Make it work for you and stick to it, one way or another you'll find the right one. Things don't happen overnight, they are earned with sweat, a work ethic and heart to create something out of nothing. Don't take the short way out, you won't like what you’ll find in the end if you do, taking a shortcut in most cases is dangerous and however cool it looks now, it'll bite you in the ass in the end. Respect yourself and your body by earning and using consistency to create your best physique along with lifelong strength, vitality, flexibility and stamina for years to come.  

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farrout said...

That is a great piece of writing man, straight up & from that big heart of yours.

Keep inspiring & motivating others like you do to me.