Friday, September 28, 2012

Maximize Your Strength & Conditioning In Short Time

 To get the biggest benefits in your strive for strength and conditioning, you learn to maximize your efforts with the best intentions. This doesn’t mean you go hardcore everyday, you want to have great recovery as well, maximum effort doesn’t mean going the hardest or the fastest, it means putting in the effort to where you're efficient and consistent with your exercise and your recovery. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the gym, at home, at a park or on the road, building effort with great intention become your greatest asset.

 Now a lot of trainers don’t always start out with giving their “pupil” a foundation and just throw them to the wolves and hope they make it out alive meaning they just have go all out all the time and believe it or not that can lead to injury, complications to your organs, brain trauma and too much too soon. The number one rule for starting out no matter what you want to do is build a foundation. This helps find where you’re at and where you want to keep going. I understand what it’s like to jump in and just hammer it out and expect results in two days or less, that’s the arrogant thinking, the key is patience. Set goals to improving, this is called Progression, it’s like Math, you don’t jump to calculus on the first day, you learn arithmetic, than multiplication, than division and so on and so forth.

 A great way to understand your goals to maximize your workouts is to learn to harness the power within yourself. From the mind to your organs to the outer body, using your power source from within will tell you to stay strong or keep off. Whether it’s Deep Breathing or learning to control your adrenalin, inner power is much stronger than your outer appearance.

 Cardio is an overrated form of conditioning that not too many people quite keep up the aspects of what they really know. If you’re running on a treadmill for 45 minutes, you’re working your body but at the same time, you’re diminishing your real lung power. Not saying cardio is bad but in my opinion, if you’re training hard and you’re out of breath after a couple minutes hell even a few seconds, chances are you’re building much stronger lungs than you would running for quite a bit. Anaerobic exercise makes you far stronger in the shortest amount of time than aerobic exercise because the difference is one gets you out of breath and the other keeps your breath going. Both are good but rarely anyone uses both when mostly they use one or the other. Using both in different workouts makes you a machine.

 To maximize your workouts, you work as many muscles as possible at one particular time. Basic principles train the muscles at their peak levels and the basic exercises are Sprinting, Presses, Pulls, Squats and Grip all of which give you the foundation to build levels of strength and conditioning you never imagined having and all work multiple muscle groups. Isolated exercises don’t have the luxury of making you very strong, you’ll only get strong in one particular area and neglect everything else. It’s like a kick ass looking salad, you don’t just put lettuce here, tomatoes there no you put croutons, beets, lettuce tomatoes, carrots, nuts and dressing so it’s all mixed and matched TOGETHER!!!

 Don’t just throw all your eggs in one basket meaning in this case don’t just put all your effort into one workout and you’re don’t for the day, spread your exercises around so your energy levels are always there and when you have that big workout, do it with a vengeance and after, rest and cool off. Again your day is not done yet and there are people out there who don’t have that amount of time to do one big workout, if they can go for it but for those who have very little time, could spread out their exercises throughout the day so they can have that sense of accomplishment. Make the effort to exercise as best as you can no matter where you are.

 To get great benefit, you need tools to help you along the way. If you got weights, do them when you have the time, stuck at a red light in your car, do isometrics by pushing and pulling on the steering wheel, got a ton of room to train, move around like a wild animal, only have a short amount of space, do push-ups and/or squats. These are all things you can do to help you keep in mind that exercise is key to keeping a long and healthy life and you make the effort to do something. There is 24hrs in a day, use the free time you have whether it’s a couple minutes or whatever and do something, you don’t have to do much to get a ton of benefit.

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