Saturday, June 25, 2011

Creating Your Own Style Of Training

Its difficult to realize that you can in-fact become your own personal trainer. The first thing to do this is to learn as much exercise as possible. The more you learn and observe your own physiology; you will find your own routine. Another goal to keep in mind is keep track of your workouts and a journal is the perfect tool for this. Whether you want to workout 3X a week or 7X a week keep track of what you do.

Anybody can learn to be their own trainer. It took me a few years to finally understand it but now I can create any workout I want with the amount of exercises I know. Now you don’t need to build years to understand it. Having a personal trainer isn’t a bad thing but the problem is a lot of people get discouraged and many trainers don’t teach the value of your own experience and train for you. Very few can and I happen to know some. The easy part is exercising the hard part is learning on your own. Observe yourself and learn the movement of an exercise you want to master. Really you don’t need to do 20 exercises in one workout just do no more then 8-10. I train 7 days a week up to 3 times a day because that’s what I’m comfortable with and it makes me happy. For you once a day 3 times a week is doable.

Nothing in fitness is more enjoyable in knowing your own style of exercise and my best advice is to learn everything you can. Do what you can learn what you want to learn. Becoming your own trainer can bring you a lot of benefits in your life. You don’t need to pay for a gym/trainer, you save money which you can use for other things that are important in your life like your family. I have learned well over 500 exercises in my lifetime maybe even more but do I need to do all the time? Hell no I don’t even like some of them. That’s another beauty about being your own trainer you pick the exercises you want to accomplish a goal. If you don’t know where to go to learn then you’re in luck because these are the best that I know of that will take you to great heights and they all give you something you want to accomplish. Go click on the links below and find what interests you.

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Sol Black said...

Excellent post. Something I've done for years. Since I graduated high school I've been under my own direction, and have made my greatest gains via self exploration. I've used several of the resources you've linked, and yet there are some I've not had the chance to use yet, so thank you for the new avenues!