Friday, June 24, 2011

Superhuman Pull-ups For Powerful Upper Body Strength

Pull-ups by any means are one of the difficult forms of training because not many people train on them and those that do know very little about progressive safe training to get higher reps and get stronger in the entire upper body. That’s where Dutch National Champion Gymnast Cees De Kok & Concert Pianist extraordinaire Garin Bader come into play.

They will teach you like they have taught me the 5 key ingredients to gain super strength in your pull-ups. Now what are the 5 secrets to super strength in Pull-ups?

  1. Grip Strength:

Not many people realize how important your grip is in doing pull-ups. You can grab the bar and try to do as many as you can but if your grip can’t handle it what makes you think you’ll be able to do great numbers. Garin & Cees will show you the proper ways to grip the bar and not just grab and hold but using alignment and proper gripping. Also they will show you exercises that not only are essential for pull-ups but how to develop powerful hands.

  1. Shoulder & Back Isolation/Synergy

This secret will reveal what you need to combine the strength & flexibility of the shoulders and back in different components. Lets face it pull-ups are for mainly back strength so if you can’t strengthen the back how are you going to do pull-ups. Again you will find some interesting concepts on properly isolating the back.


  1. Optimal Arm Training & Positioning

Without proper positioning of the arms not only will pull-ups be that much more difficult but can result in injury. Arms are one a main key to doing pull-ups so if you want to get good at them then you need to strengthen your arms as best as possible. When you do pull-ups the biceps have a major role because with the pulling muscle it flexes the muscle and creates a powerful surge of muscle fibers just like triceps are for push-ups with the exception of extending so it’s important to have good arm training & Garin/Cees will show you how. You’ll be impressed.

  1. Isolation Exercises For Chain Of Strength

Now they say isolating isn’t for overall body strength but in this case I think we can make an exception. The reason why I’m saying this is because for pull-ups you want to have the strength in your upper body from your grip to your abdominal muscles. Developing the areas needed will set off a chain reaction when you do get to the actual pull-up training. Learning proper isolation wouldn’t be a bad thing in this case because the exercises you learn in this segment don’t look like isolated exercises that much anyway but they will help you in the long run to having great strength in the pull-ups.

  1. Mindset & Putting It All Together

The mindset for pull-ups is quite different from what most people think. Do you do better at pull-ups counting up or counting down? This answer will blow you away. I tried it for the first time comparing the two and I found which one was easier and I kept it ever since. That’s just a piece of what you will find out but when you start putting these secrets together you will find that your strength has more meaning and can accelerate your reps if you find the proper usage.

My best number in chin-ups was 21 and my best in pull-ups was 17. I’m also over 235 lbs. My average however wasn’t that great until I got this course. Now my average in chin-ups is around 12 and pull-ups around 10-12 as well but before that in workouts I wouldn’t go higher then 7-9 either way. As an athlete and strongman I need proper back and grip strength for the feats I perform but you don’t have to be an athlete or strongman to use this course. It can be used by anyone who is willing to give pull-ups a chance and build a powerful upper body. Once you learn the 5 secrets to Superhuman Pull-ups, there’s no turning back.

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