Monday, June 27, 2011

Becoming Tarzan

Can that really happen? I mean come on who the hell wants to be like the ape man? Well it turns out more people then you know. The fitness on this guy is incredible. He can swing through the trees and climb with the best of them and is strong as hell. It’s no secret that Tarzan is the type of athlete some of us wish to be. Have a great physique, profound strength & stamina and the natural functional ability to handle everything thrown at him. To me he’s a mans man.

If we want to try to imitate the conditioning of Tarzan we must first observe his behavior. He learned what he can do by observing the only family he knows and that was the Gorillas of the jungle. He learned how they walked, climbed and swung through the vines of the forest. He learned to understand their strength and power through fierce battles and studied their anatomy. Contrary to popular belief Tarzan was pure genius. He learned how to survive by learning from possible one of the strongest species on the planet.

Now that you have observed what he does its time to put that into play by practicing the movements. Now before I go any further I just want to state that yes Gorillas have different body structures then we do and have a advantage that we can never imitate but it’s not a bad thing to get really strong in the areas that we can work on. Practice how they walk and how they hang on trees (a pull-up bar or a soccer goal would be better suited). Learn to move the best way you can. Focus on the whole body and not just the muscles but the tendons as well. I know you’re probably sick and tired of reading about tendon strength by me but the fact of the matter is if your tendons aren’t strong enough you won’t get very far in your quest to be super strong.

Doing a workout like this alone can be very rewarding in terms of building strength, stamina, flexibility and not to mention muscle building from having HGH levels shoot through the roof. Moving like an ape can be the ultimate jungle workout for you because you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it and it gets you out in the open air like the Ape Man himself. Is there really a course on this particular type of training? I believe so and its in Ed Baran’s Animal Kingdom Conditioning Courses: Animal Kingdom Conditioning & Animal Kingdom Conditioning 2: Call Of The Wild. These 2 courses alone can create the ultimate jungle workouts and I believe the Ape/Monkey Exercises are well worth the price for both courses. You can still do the other animals but the Ape Exercises are closer to us humans and its time we start getting into shape.

Why not get a course for the kids with Wild Animal FitnessFor Kids? I’m sure you’ll find some ape training in there for your little ones and it won’t look like training but playing and having fun because that’s what real training is about is having fun. Do you need the strength of Tarzan? No, but you can become stronger then the average human and dominate your life by becoming the strongest you can be.

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Sol Black said...

Bravo! I've looked up to Tarzan for years! The pure functionality of it all is enough for me, but there is so much more!