Monday, March 28, 2011

Super Human Workshop Coming Up


Do you want to learn how to bend steel with your bare hands and other crazy feats of strength?

Do you want to discover how to build incredible strength and endurance together in just a couple hours a week?

Do you want to master your own bodyweight, kettlebells and many other training tools?

What would you do to completely unlock the powers of your mind allowing you to build the body, strength and skills you’ve only dreamt of?

Well, you have the opportunity to learn all of the above and more hand’s on in April.

World renown strongman Bud Jeffries, known for squatting 1000 lbs. from the bottom of the rack as well as 3000+ kettlebell swing workouts, has teamed up with Logan Christopher, a guy who pulls firetrucks by his hair, to deliver their Super Human Training Workshop.

From April 15th through the 17th in San Jose, California they’ll deliver ALL their training information to you in a live, hands on, do the drills and get the skills format.

If you’re anywhere near the area this is a no brainer. And even if you’re not it’s worth flying out for.

Not only do you get the workshop but $775.60 in additional bonuses just for signing up!

You really have to see everything they’re offering...

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don't miss it.

Ben Bergman

P.S. Be sure to check it out now. You can save money with the early bird registration price, but it goes up in just a couple of days.

P.S.S. Plus they’ve even got a payment plan available.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Being Creative For The Karl Gotch Bible

The old-time wrestler created or should I say found one of the greatest ways to get in great condition whether for combat sports or whatever. He would have his wrestlers/students work with a deck of cards, shuffle them around and have them see how far they would go. Usually in this manner it be the Hindu Squats and Hindu Push-ups which to Karl himself said to be the foundational exercises for optimal conditioning.

As time went on some wrestling teams or organizations would have their wrestlers play around with the deck and came up with other exercises like sit-ups, pull-ups and others to keep their wrestlers guessing because in competition you never know what's going to happen so this teaches you how to be prepared for the unexpected. Wrestlers in Japan seemed to like this type of conditioning so much that it became one of their tests (I believe) and it made some of the wrestlers practically unstoppable. I don't know if the deck was used in other countries but if they have it shows.

Next time you feel your training is not going anywhere or you're bored and want to change things up, get a god damn deck of cards and pick 2-4 types of exercises and see how long you can go. Time yourself. I have beaten the deck many times but I can tell you first hand that if you jump in too quickly you're gonna be sore like a mofo for days. My best time with just push-ups and squats was around 20-25 min. and with just 4 exercises its roughly 45 min. and I try to take as little breaks as possible because in wrestling there is no rest.

Do you need to be a wrestler to do this? Hell no. I'm certainly not one and wouldn't wanna mess with one. This type of training can be used by anyone who has the desire to get in shape, lose weight, build muscle and burn off fat like theres no tomorrow. I respect men like Gotch, Billy Robinson, Gama, Thesz and other old-timer so thats why I give them credit for building conditioning programs like this. If you're going to talk about old-timers and they're programs for christ sakes show them some respect and never give excuses about these types of programs. At first this type of program will be hard and it may seem impossible but don't give up. I couldn't finish 10 cards at first thats how bad I was and now after training for so long I can beat the deck just about any time I wanted. When you can finish a deck and you're sweating from head to toe and you have a smile on your face and want more either right there or later on, you are one tough son of a bitch and a hell of a conditioned athlete.

It takes more then physical strength, endurance and flexibility to beat the deck, it takes a sharp mind, laser-like focus, concentration and if you think about it, it takes the mind of a great warrior or better yet the mind-power of a REAL Wrestler. As of right now I just do push-ups and Hindu Squats/Jumpers but not just typical standard Push-ups but I do many variations to keep my body guessing and to use different things for different muscles. Be creative and learn how to beat your own deck.

Friday, March 25, 2011

For Those W/ Droids Or IPhone/IPads

Technology has come a long way and still going strong and there is some technology we don't need but I won't reveal what they are. One thing I do like and its having a Droid Phone. There are many apps to choose from and most of what I get has to do with training. I have one for Push-ups, Tabata workouts, Card workouts and Qi Gong.

If you're still inlove with training then I highly recommend these types of apps for the phone. Not only can your training can be effective but it can motivate you to take it to a different level. Now do you need these apps? Of course not this is just a suggestions. Play with the other apps another time and take the time to take advantage of amplifying your training. I'm not into bodybuilding type training but there are apps for those too.

My favorite so far is the Playing Card Workout. It gives you four exercises to do and off you go and lets see how many cards you can muster. You can also change the names of the exercises to whatever you choose. Example do Push-ups for hearts, Squats for diamonds, Hold A Horsestance for breaths instead of reps for spades and V-Ups for Clubs.....You can pick whatever exercises you choose and do what you can. Be creative.

Push-ups app is also a great tool because it keeps track of how many push-ups you want to accomplish in a row and gives a progression system to work with. Push-ups are one of the best bodyweight exercises on the planet and can make you a very fit person. If theres an app where you can do Squat Progressions i'd be all over it. Squats (especially hindu) are foundational exercises for the lower body and high reps can get you winded and when you get out of breath you're building growth hormone which helps build muscle, burn fat and turn you into a fitness machine. I would say that if I were to pick a peice of equipment for my training why not just use your phone and let it help you track your progress. Just keep a journal in hand to track your goals and write down reps/sets schemes for yourself. Here are a couple sites to help you find some great push-ups & squats.

Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning - Push Ups

Ultimate Bodyweight Conditioning - Squats

Importance Of Flexibility

You can have all the strength, stamina, balance and you can have the most beautiful body on the planet but if you don't have the flexibility, you're not only prone to injury but you'll be stiff as a board and looking like an old man/woman walking around. Flexibility is very important for all athletes and the average Joe. Believe it or not its very important to Dancers, Entertainers & Musicians because if they're not up to par you won't see them perform very long.

I believe in the art of smart flexibility not just stretching in different places. I need to be flexible due to the injuries from my legs. I don't do the typical stretches you see in the gym or in PE class, no. The stretches I do require concentration and pure laser-like focus. I want to focus on moving that extra inch and meditate at the same time. Stretching shouldn't be that painful (Don't think for a second you're a better stretcher then the next guy, the most flexible people are the Shaolin Monks, Gymnasts, & Dancers). Stretching is about control, awareness and the ability to go that extra centimeter without putting so much effort. Every little time you stretch past a plateau with control and without pain, you are becoming stronger mentally and physically.

Its not hard to learn simple stretches but they're not easy either no matter how big or small you are. It takes patience, time and practice. Make the effort to become a little more flexible while focusing on strength gains and/or stamina. Limber up and work them muscles/tendons.

Pain Killers

Advanced Bridging Course

Friday, March 11, 2011

CoreForce Energy & Its Powers

Want to learn how to fly like superman, shoot lasers out of your fingertips, be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Keep dreaming pal because that only exists in comic books but you do have the ability to create super strength and accelerating speed to become somewhat superhuman. Scientists say we only use 10% of our brain power at our highest potential. What if we can bring that up by let say 2% maybe 3% to start? That would really get you going don't you think? Truth is if we are going to learn our brain power to a higher level then we must focus on what can be brought out in us just by thinking and using our imaginations.

Certain sounds make a valid point that can determine what is fast and what is slow.....Lets say a sound of a punch, during a punch yell out "Baaam." What does it sound like like? Is it fast or is it slow? Sounds slow doesn't it and why is that? You see "Baaam" is still powerful but it has no idea where its going except forward straight on. There's no tourquing point to it and plus with that kind of punch, in a fight the guy would notice it right away and has an advantage of getting out of the way. Lets make another sound....."Waaakkkaa." Picture in your mind what Bruce Lee sounds like when he fights. The way he punches is just severely fast and powerful. To give you a fact, during the filming of The Green Hornet, stunt guys, gaffers and even the director had to tell Bruce to slow down because his punching and kicking were so fast they couldn't even see some of the moves being made right infront of them. The told him to bring his movements down to 30% of his power. Now that is fast my friend no matter how you slice it.

Now you may not be able to kick or punch like Bruce Lee but you can jump start your strength possibly more then doubled the amount. With a few techniques, a little imagination and the effort to learn you can bring in far more strength and speed then ever thought possible. The man behind this dare-to-be-true topic is Garin Bader. For years upon years he has made his mark as a entertaining performer such as a martial artist, magician, acrobatic and most of all (his ultimate specialty) a pianist. He has learned some of the best numbers in the world and has performed countless shows such as Carnigie Hall, Cruise Ships, Las Vegas Showrooms and once performed infront of big time figures such as the Dhali Lama. With his craft he is able to generate such ferocity and powerful peices but with accuracy and stamina that is unmatched in my opinion. I have personally trained with the man himself and I guarantee you if you make the effort and learn this system and being open minded you can become stronger you can become more flexible and your speed with jump. Think of a light switch, once you learned this system correctly you can turn it on or off anytime you feel like it.

Don't sell yourself short and start becoming strong and vibrant and POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!

Look to the right of my blog and you will find the Coreforce Energy Links to the website. As a disclaimer, this is not my system and i'm here to help promote it. I have seen and practiced first hand what this can do and it will only work if you make the effort to put in the work. This is not a course on how to fly or leap tall buildings in a single bound nor is it really a course on how to become superman. Yet you can become much stronger once you make the effort to practice this.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Being Interviewed By Matt Furey

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of speaking to a great man by the name of Matt Furey. For those who don't know, Matt has established himself as a Internet entrepreneur not only in fitness but for business as well. A self-made millionare as you may put it. He is also been known in some circles as a fake and a controversial guy for his outlandish prices for products and other forms of money making schemes. Well I don't give a shit about all that stuff and I was honored to be interviewed by him. For the most part we got into how I recovered from my accident nearly 6 years ago, my accomplishments, my motivation for training and a certain secret that I recently discovered that I don't think was ever put in the same context as I have put.

I had a lot of fun with it and it lasted nearly 40 minutes. The questions he asked me were very thurough and I answered back with some humor and straight to the point. I didn't hold back on my answers and a couple of them made the guy laugh so I figured I did something right. If you guys want to hear the interview go join up the Furey Faithful. A few things I mention out of nowhere were a refrence to Indiana Jones, my request for ACDC and who taught me the fundementals of Bridging Gymnastics. I have a secret that can only be heard on the interview and the hint is about language. This one secret has never been heard before and I think i'm the only one to come up with it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Developing Pull-up Power From A World Class Gymnast & A Concert Pianist

How the hell can two very different athletes share secrets to doing pull-ups and not only get you to amp up your reps but give you little tidbits on how to increase your power to develop a great v-taper and strengthen your entire upper body? Well its not surprising that this shit works. I've seen both of these guys in action and i'm here to tell you that they are the best at what they do.

Pull-ups are one of the most neglected exercises in physical culture today and why is that? Its because they're difficult to do and when someone can't even get themselves up its humiliating. I know how that feels and being a super-heavyweight at 5'10 its even worse. Yet what if you learned some tricks that not only helped you get your first rep but also increase your reps if you're a veteran of the exercise. One of the key points to doing rep after rep is your grip. Grip strength is another neglected area that needs to have spot on power. Without grip strength you won't be able to even get up past the bar.

The guys who will get your pull-up strength going are Entertainers/World Class Athletes Cass De Kok & Garin Bader. Cass is a Las Vegas Entertainer in the show Bite, a Vampire spectical and in your face action. His strength to hold himself up with one-arm and grab his wife with the other is just un fucking believeable. His presence on the stage makes you feel that anything is possible. Garin on the other hand is a pianist with dexterity and strength that will make your jaw drop from the first note. I've seen how strong this guy is and he makes certain people look like wimps. They're ability to teach pull-ups is awesome and well thought through. Pull-ups are one of the exercises in the world and can turn your upperbody into a strength machine and give you gripping power and shoulder flexibility unlike anything else.

The practice Of Pull-ups in your strength training regime will take you far beyond the bar and give you a sense of strength and power that just makes you feel confident, protected and most of all give you a presence that will give others from far away a glance. Take up Pull-up Strength and you will even learn the secrets to Vampire Strength.

Pullup Workout Strength

The Realm Of Superhuman Power Is Not That Far Out Of Reach

Some of us never get a chance to do the things that goes beyond ourselves. Achieving something much greater then yourself is a very tough task. Never can it be that your power within can't go any higher then what others tell you. Well I say screw that. There is a power within us that not only can save someone's life but also our own. What if you learned a few simple techniques that not only took your strength to the stars but beyond the moon (slight exaggeration)? Its hard to believe that a few key points can not only double your power but even triple it or more. Well I have made it a quest to find what can put me in a state of mind that just gives ferocious strength and great speed. So far in my quest I have found it but also haven't found it. Its there in my grasp but its still a mystery to learn but I keep learning it and the more I have put the effort in, the more powerful i'm becoming.

You can do that to with the help of Concert Virtuoso Garin Bader and his course on CoreForce Energy. The system that shows you how to tap into that part of your brain that produces adrenelin and power and make it happen faster then you can "Damn." I have practiced this system many times over and from having time with Garin personally I can vouch how powerful it is and you can have power that not only can be useful in your daily life but it could also save a life one day. It has taken him many years to learn this and what he has done for it is nothing short of surreal and powerful. We all strive to find the power within us to fight weakness and put in the effort to make ourselves stronger. My strength hasn't even reached its peak yet and i'm still getting stronger throughout each day. Give yourself the chance to create strength that not only puts in for what can go in your life but taking it to the next level whether you're an athlete, musician, painter or sculptor. Give yourself the power of CoreForce Energy.

CoreForce Energy Op 2