Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chimps Vs. Bonobos

In the animal kingdom, the chimp and the bonobos are the closest to our primate family tree and although both apes possess enormous strength, agility and power; they are vastly different in terms of personalities and the way they treat each other in their social groups.

Chimps in my mind are the strongest of the two species of ape but they're also far more aggressive and have hunting skills that even lions would think twice about. Bonobos on the other hand are more compassionate and share more similar qualities to us humans in terms of how we love and show affection. Chimps dominate in groups and have a violent side that gears towards overpowering other groups and species of both monkey and ape alike. The bonobos are no where near as violent and have a unique distinction of women ruling a troupe than the usual males. This type of ape gathers in groups and shows how "close & personal" they can be; ever heard of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960's? Bonobos were doing that long before that term was even heard.

When we look at the world, we see both areas of these apes in everyday society, some more revealing than others but we can learn how to adopt a powerful outlook on how we treat our fellow man & woman. We don't need to be as sexually explicit like a bonobo but we can learn how to share each other's company by being friendly and showing compassion and sympathy for another. Chimps can be friendly in certain times but if you piss them off and test them, you're in for a rude awakening as you may be on your last life.

Both species of Ape are extremely strong and have powerful grips that would make even the strongest of men cringe with fear. The way they walk, run, climb and leap is an extraordinary sight to see. When you begin to walk or even hang like an ape, you're developing the body the way it was meant to; strong tendons, flexible shoulders, pain-free backs, muscular core & have arms and legs that are so powerful it would make the average man look like a weak little boy.

I love the practice of moving like a wild ape as it opens up the imagination to what us humans are capable of to the degree where for our structure and bodily purposes we can create strength greater than the average man without needing to go to extremes like actual apes. The mindset of being aggressive when needed but also have the love and compassion that's within all of us. They are our closest relatives in the animal kingdom and it's not always what they can learn from us but what we can learn from them.

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