Monday, July 31, 2017

New PRs In The Hindu Squats

I've been on a rampage lately with the Hindu Squats & Hindu Jumpers. Building up that conditioning and forming the rhythms of breathing and form. I'm hitting 500 Squats a day in a single workout and on my birthday for my age in minutes I hit 1000 in 33 min. Yesterday I did 500 in under 15 minutes (14:39) which I have never done before in my life.

Accomplishing something like that is no easy feat and I have been battling a weird low back issue for a while now but I still wanted to beat my goals and I have. The only person that should have expectations over you is YOU!!! Living up to others' expectations in life can be a drag and there are some people that will never be satisfied with your expectations. Even if their proud and you're an overachiever, it's important to expect yourself more than others expect of you.

Hindu Squats are a phenomenal exercise and it's going to either make you love them or hate them depending on what you do. I always say things are never easy but they can be interesting. For most doing high rep squats builds endurance for a number of sports especially in wrestling but if you're also a soccer player, football running back, Base Stealer in baseball the squats will help tremendously with explosiveness and speed. Power and drive come from the legs so it is important to utilize the best methods possible.

Breaking PRs is always great and as you get older its even more awesome. I have never pulled off 500 Squats consistently like this before even in my 20's and now i'm in my early-mid 30's so it feels amazing to be able to do this and know that if I wanted to do 500 Squats with some of my favorite wrestlers, I can do that. Once you hit a peak, its mainly mind from there but it is also important to not be bored when you train. You can only push so hard and if your form becomes sloppy, you need to stop and fight another day. Depending on leverage and body to weight ratio plus your balance, not everyone is going to have perfect form but if the form is in their favor that it doesn't cause pain then practice having the best form possible for your body. I have a weird hip/thigh ratio so my form may not be up to certain standards but it works for me and I can go all the way down in the hindu squat without bending too far forward and not feel pain in my back from it.

Make your goals as awesome as possible and only expect out of yourself not from others.