Monday, July 10, 2017

What Is Your Style Of Conditioning?

There are literally thousands of ways to get in amazing shape; you can do hundreds of squats & push-ups, do 100 Burpees or HIT 2-3x a week, you can hit the gym and do circuits there, do strongman type training to build strength & conditioning, you can do sports, follow along on DVDs and so on. What gives you the greatest benefit of being in top condition for you?

The truth is, whatever helps you break barriers and/or lets you find that niche to keep going and fighting on is a solid foundation in my book. However, in reality, only a fraction of programs give you the best tools to be in the best shape possible. It's all about what your exact goal is and what style of program or training system that requires you to proceed through specific forms of exercise.

MMA Fighters have all sorts of styles to be in shape for the ring such as the old Hindu Wrestling Workout Traditions, Boxing style conditioning, condition the hard style of Muay Thai Boxing and others. Strongmen lift heavy objects but also do high reps with extreme heavy weight, Football players condition by Sprinting, Drilling and patterning for catches, blocks & others. There's all sorts of ways but whatever you end up doing and it works will give you the best benefit.

I like being unique in learning different styles to mix together and form my own style which in my opinion is the best thing you can do. Don't follow someone else's style and try to keep up with their stats on it, you're not them and some of the exercises are not meant for your body type and going at the same speed/tempo can only spell disaster because you're not leading your own example, you are lead by someone else. Sure I do the same style of someone from time to time but that's only to switch up and learn so when I go back to doing it on my own, I can do the exercises by memory and form my own program with it.

I have done workouts using decks of cards, done many burpees, hundreds of reps for the abs, followed along to DDP Yoga and done finishers that would make the average person puke yet the best conditioning style for me is using animal movements. They represent the attraction of what is natural, instinctive and unlocks doors to major elements of conditioning to where you practice moving in specific positions or flows and learning where you are in space as you move.

Practice the movements, become accustomed until they become a second language than you form your own style of program and utilize those moves to create the best workouts or playouts for YOU!!

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