Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Combat Conditioning

My real introduction to Physical Culture was through the book Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey. This got me on the path to strength training that would change my entire concept of exercise. The first three exercises in the book (Hindu Squats, Hindu Push-ups & The Bridge) were all I did the first month I fully used it and holy crap they were a wake up call. Very tough to do 25 reps on either Squats or Push-ups and a 30 sec. Bridge was the most I can do at that time. As I added other exercises in the book and really taking off, I was astounded by the amount of shape I developed physically, mentally and yes emotionally.

Within months I did over 1000 Hindu Squats/Jumpers in a workout, over 60 Hindu Push-ups in a row and could do the Deck Of Cards workout in under 30 min. These give you the tools to take your body to a level that was traditional in the Hindu Wrestling Culture of India and what it was like to have the conditioning and endurance of an old school pro wrestler. You don't have to be a wrestler to be in amazing shape, look at guys like Bruce Lee, Marcus Allen, Ray Lewis, Mike Tyson & other athletes, they used similar or practically identical methods of bodyweight exercise to get in insane shape.

Workouts (playouts) based on these exercises will strengthen your body and give you natural muscular shape and stamina that you can't even remotely get from weight lifting. You think being on a treadmill is considered cardio and its tough? Test out doing 500 Hindu Squats or more in a row or do the Deck Of Cards in 30 min or less. That builds toughness and it builds a level of strength endurance that's off the chain. There are 48 Exercises in this book that are very powerful and although may not look like much, can take down even the strongest of men. Once you become efficient at them, challenge yourself on certain workouts like doing 500 Squats in a row doing 5x80/20 or the 250 Push-ups Workout or 250 Hindu Push-ups in a row. This was the staple for the old-time wrestlers. This book goes beyond exercise and challenges your body, mind and soul to the brink of crazy conditioning for whatever you have in stored in sports or in life. Come and grab it and let the kids do it as well with you.

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