Monday, June 12, 2017

The Sensations Of Bridging

Was there ever a time in your life where you were at peace with yourself and just laid back and felt the world pass by and nothing kept you from smiling and feeling warm, powerful and full of euphoria? I love that feeling. When it comes to certain variations of the Bridge such as the wrestler's bridge, gymnast bridge, wall walking etc; it brings out certain sensations that are so powerful it creates a euphoric state that can be only described as love or blissfulness.

Many people fear bridging as if it was the devil and anyone that practices it is going to break their neck or break their wrists or other some kind of ridiculous thing. Those that fear it, never practiced it fully or never took the time to learn it properly. I've seen a video of a trainer in his gym telling people the negative "side effects" on the bridge and the cause of compression. What he showed was no where near a proper bridge where he only went to the top of his head and held it. That is the WRONG way to bridge. Some people are not meant to bridge due to specific former injuries or don't have the body capacity to put stress on the head that's one thing but to come out and say how horrible it is without stating realistic facts is a crock of s*it.

I have been around bridging exercises for nearly 12 years now, I'm less than 6' tall and weigh close to 260 lbs. That's a lot of weight to bridge the body into yet I have no severe back pain, my neck stretches very well, I don't have a compressed spine and I never once got injured while bridging. I'm not the only one here, countless people have experienced great strength and flexibility while bridging and have even gotten to the point where back pain has vanished within less than a few weeks after years of suffering. Now the bridge in it's glorious forms, isn't just something that gives you a strong neck and it goes beyond being a neck exercise; it has full of worldly sensations and euphoric properties that cannot be experienced by many other methods.

Bridging when it's properly done creates powerful nerve force; the electrical charge in the spine that gives off insane amount of strength coursing throughout the body and strengthens the bodily organs especially the sex organs. It stretches the spinal column and lengthens it as well. Some variations generate power in the legs, hips and core. The abdominals are being worked in ways even sit-ups can't touch and they help burn flab and bring in functional and revealing muscle.

When I do my 3 bridges at night before bed, I get into this state of pure calmness, blissed out and full of life charging relaxation. The world passes by, my body feels like a million bucks, I'am calm, living with love and happiness that is just so beautiful and so rich with deep breathing it is as if life has stillness. After these bridges, I would often just lay back on the mat for several minutes sometimes an hour just feeling incredible and stress is nowhere in sight. So you see, it's not so much a playout or workout where you get fit and test your abilities, it is to feel like you can take on the world but in a great calm state and feeling like nothing mentally can harm you and stress is nothing but a memory. That is the essence of what bridging is. It is harnessing that force within and feeling protected and put into a state where being happy is automatic and releases hormones and positive sensations.

This is my reason to get high; you don't need drugs to feel euphoric. Learn to exercise with proper intentions and applications and you will find yourself feeling things you didn't think could be felt.

Practice these exercises by getting this book.....It has many variations on the bridge and how to do them correctly.

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