Friday, June 9, 2017

Be Able To Practice Animal Moves Anywhere And Anytime

In certain sports programs, bootcamps & even gyms, people may say that if you want to do Animal Exercise you need to do it outdoors. There's no way you can do them indoors in a closed in space can you? I mean isn't the point of this type of training to be done in a large amount of space roughly 20-30 square yards or more? When I read that in a magazine or on youtube, in the gym or wherever I just sit back and laugh because there's two things running through my head when those people say those things: They either haven't had very much experience in understanding the grasp of them or they never opened up their minds to the limitless possibilities of where and how much space you can do with Animal Exercises.

In my Dungeon, the mats from the wall to the final row is 16 feet in length, the square feet alone is around 200 square feet; that's pretty small amount of space for those specific exercises yet have managed hundreds of yards at a time, hundreds/thousands of steps worth of movement and even had playouts where I did them in place. Now how is that possible and what animals can be done in one stationary spot?

Sometimes you need to stop analyzing and use your brain and imagination to learn the true aspects of animal movements. At the top of my head; the flamingo is a great exercise to do in place, frog jumps, bunny hops, kangaroo jumps, Monkey picking fruit (Squatting up and down as if to pick fruit and put it down next to you), Starfish, Donkey Kicks ok you get the drill. There's a playout called the Caged Animal where you train hard in place doing animal movements or holds. Now if you have a ceiling that's less than 8ft high, you don't need to jump very high and with the donkey kicks, you don't need to kick very hard either but you can still get exceptional results with this kind of training especially the conditioning and lung power you can possess.

On a nice day, its good to get outside in the fresh air and move like a wild animal but on days where the weather sucks but still want to train like an animal, do them in your living room or your garage; there's no excuse. Don't hold back because you think you have no space; that's bullshit and a cop out. Make it work for you.  

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