Monday, June 5, 2017

Roaming The Jungle & Covering The Surrounding Yards

Doing Animal Moves everyday lately has given me a newfound sense of strength, vitality, calmness and sense of energy that hasn't been used in a while. I've been switching things up going for more distance this time around than just counting steps. I've been going for how many yards I can accumulate in a playout. On a good day I'll average around 100-200 yards but if i'm feeling really energetic I go even further. Like a tiger hunting for miles on end, I'm into developing a greater sense of endurance & conditioning and see how far I can go.

My mats in the dungeon up and back is 32 feet so that doesn't sound like much but when you start adding it up set after set of covering that much floor and more it's going to be crazy. My longest distance in a playout is over 530 yards; that's a freaking lot of ground to cover and I was doing one animal that whole time and that was the Bear. Bear Crawls are very simple to do but when you're barely resting and covering practically doubled the distance in one set, you're developing another realm of fitness & going beyond the norm for a typical session using animal moves.

Before we went to Lilac City Comic Con this past Saturday in the morning I covered 245 yards worth of movement just to get the day started. I have to tell you the results I'm receiving from this change in training is staggering; I'm getting stronger in many areas, my leap is faster, my arms are already showing definition, my abs are shrinking, my testosterone is shooting through the roof and my sleep has been much greater in more recent days than in the last few months. This is just the tip of the iceberg and haven't had these sensations in quite some time.

When I have a bit of a restless night; I dive into some Animal Moves until my body has calmed down and when that endorphin high kicks in, I sleep like a baby and my hormones go through the roof. I have energy during the day that keeps my mind sharper and have greater focus and having powerful muscle developing like crazy is just another great look at what I'm doing my best to achieve. At the end of a session, I do some deep breathing of this particular animal for a few minutes and absorbing the great levels of oxygen and mega sensations in the lower areas of my body is just an amazing feeling. I'm nearly 33 and have hormones raging that would make a teen blush all because of utilizing my full body into the movements of mimicking wild animals.

This is just a way of gaining my conditioning and stamina, its to build my body as a whole; fire up my internal organs with oxygen, create explosive power in my legs, strengthen my arms with crawling, developing muscle control to protect my back, move in awkward positions and so much more. When you truly feel the power of animal movements, its no longer regular exercise, it becomes a part of your life and develops both mind and body. You will have energy you never thought was possible, increase the power in your sex organs and become strong beyond the regular types of bodyweight exercise. You are getting back to NATURE!!!

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