Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Why It's Important More So These Days To Be In Better Condition Than The Average Person

We live in a society where junk food runs rampant and not enough exercise is instilled. Sure there are many that go to the gym but the biggest purpose for the majority who do only want to look like a pretty boy in a magazine and to have many women show off their ass more than doing real training. It's good to have a goal to be in shape but at the same time you'd want to learn to strengthen more than just muscles but also have some level endurance and flexibility.

Don't get me wrong it's cool to want aesthetics but if you can't be strong, enduring & flexible/mobile what the hell can it really do for you. It doesn't matter how good you look, if you can't go long in the sack or able to move freely as possible, looking good isn't going to help your cause. However, with the right form of training and the ability to eat as healthy as possible, aesthetics can play a great role and will come the way it is meant to.

In this day and age, looking good is not enough anymore; being in real shape and handling life situations is more valuable than having rock hard abs and biceps bigger than the Black Pearl's Cannonballs. If you took maybe 100 people that look like greek gods and goddesses, how many of them are in real shape and can go along with decent levels of strength? Most likely maybe 20% or less. Even more so with the obesity epidemic, staying and maintaining shape is a must. Kids barely even exercise in most schools these days because you have too many written notes, there's no real structure or fun in how exercise is applied; many P.E classes only shoot for teaching specific sports which isn't bad by any stretch but it doesn't teach the fundamentals of kids learning to do Push-Ups, Squats, Sit-Ups, Animal Moves, some form of lifting; hell make them carry a bucket of water if it makes you have them working a little. You know where many kids find exercise; on Youtube. It's cool they found something but nothing compares to learning the real thing and having a coach show you how to apply the exercise with control and able to breathe properly.

Any exercise is better than nothing but it's important to teach the values of understanding your body before moving onto weights or what thereof. Some people go their whole lives not touching a weight and that's awesome yet to get an overall picture its good to have a knowledge and understanding a solid amount of exercises that purely basic and effective.

Circuit Training is very valuable because it's time efficient, doesn't need to be in a huge building and has you building more than just pleasing muscles; it builds strength, stamina, conditioning & flexibility. When you learn to control your breathing & form plus resting as long as needed not what is typically ideal, you can be in incredible shape. Now when it comes down to conditioning i'm not talking Crossfit because that has more flaws than I care to explain but conditioning is being able to withstand stress throughout a playout and it helps you stay in the game even when you might feel shot to hell. Just yesterday I put myself through a Circuit playout that had me doing a total of...

100 Hindu Push-ups
200 Hindu Squats
100 V-Ups
200 Mountain Climbers
100 Hindu Jumpers
200 Side Bends
100 Push-ups
100 Pushing (Jumping Jack Variation)
100 Lunges

Totaling all together 1200 Reps in an hour or less.

You can do lesser reps if you're short on time so it's important to intuitively make the best time for you and do so with intent and making it interesting and challenging. This is a high level playout so for a beginner, cutting it in half would be a hell of a start. You can create your own and not always rely on playouts pre-made. You can adjust the exercise, tempo and time however you wish.    

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