Monday, May 1, 2017

Still Looking for the Perfect Mother's Day Gift?

In case you haven't already found the perfect gift for that special lady in your life(Mom), then there is something I want to share with you!

The Athena Woman's Formula is a strategically developed blend of 7 berries and herbs made specifically to help support healthy living for goddesses around the world!

For thousands of years, special herbs and superfoods have been used to give people an edge.

These herbs are taken long-term for radiant health in those cultures by many.

This new formula has been called “life-changing” by some.

What does it do?
Promotes More Energy*
Mental Focus and Clarity*
Supports Mood and Calms Anxiety*
Hormonal Support*
Metabolic Support*
Immune System Tonic*
Enhances Sex and Beauty
Supports Pre and Postmenopausal Symptoms*

and so much more...
grab a bag or two today $8 off (only $36.99 from 5/1-5/14), and don't worry this formula taste great too! A great addition to smoothies this time of year!

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