Monday, December 12, 2016

Back On Superhero Training

Its not even Xmas yet and I've already been thinking about my New Year's "Resolution" or should I say Goals because Resolutions just sound like something negative to me and something of a bad cliche. Not going to tell you the full extent of my goals but I'am heading back on the bandwagon of Superhero Sprint Training where you run hard or do Burpees for 30-60 Seconds then rest for a period then do a circuit either Tabata Style or doing repetitions.

I'm always fascinated by the physiques of Superheroes ranging from Batman to Green Lantern to Black Panther and Spiderman because they represent powerful and functional athletic muscle that is backed up with fat burning metabolism and enhanced strength & virility. This type of training I have mentioned in the past but thought I'd give you new readers an idea of what it does; it is by far a top quality intense training system that has you burning fat like there's no tomorrow and it burns insane calories 24-48 hours after the workout so when you do this 2-3 times a week you're developing natural testosterone and HGH that goes through the roof and produces energy that brings in a greater amount of muscle and tosses out fat faster than butter on a hot plate.

I'm doing something different that not only burns even more fat but allows greater natural HGH and that's adding Finishers into the mix. With these little nail-biters that last 3-8 minutes and can be done after a workout or on a day off to aid in the conditioning I will be taking on a challenge many don't tend to accept. It's very tough and it takes training to another realm but with a little imagination and believing in the art of fun and adventure, this will be a phenomenal experience regardless of the outcome. I'm going to just start out with maybe a month testing this out and seeing where it goes. I'm going to be adding my own twist on it doing exercises from various books and doing circuits that really target the fat burning mechanism plus using Finishers from a couple courses and workouts that I can send to you for Free when you order at my Advocare Store. I'm doing a Indoor version of this course since I'm not a fan of cold weather so It'll still be as effective or even more so.

When you go after a goal, make it work for you because if it doesn't than you're not using your full potential and you'll be missing out on the amazing benefits of what can bring you your most amazing transformation. I'm doing this for the purpose of enhancing my conditioning, training hard to burn off fat like crazy and still put on a solid amount of muscle. I'm not too worried about whether I lose weight or not, this type of training in itself can help lose weight but in the end you can still weigh the same but look completely different. Can't wait to share my progress with you guys. This is something I have thought of for a while now and want to do the very best of my abilities and utilize my imagination and thirst for self-discovery. More on this in upcoming articles.

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