Monday, June 20, 2016

Your Body And Your Imagination

Most equipment in fitness these days are way overrated and most of the time don't even work. The stupid gadgets, cardio machines, smith machines, Bosu Balls and others are just things that take up way too much damn space. Very few things are worth while having like maybe a rack to use for squats, a pull-up bar, a hammer, mace, kettlebell & Steelbell other than that its not worth putting your money on. I like to move heavy things from time to time but I always have a better use for my body by doing things that are fun, realistic, unconventional & imaginative.

The more stuff you use the less you get in the habit of using your imagination. Less is more. That's part of the beauty I love on bodyweight training, there's so much you can come up with but only need a fraction to get what you want. Training using a ton of equipment takes away the purpose of putting real effort into your training. Its very important to use both your body and your brain in the best way possible and trust me, having a ton of machines will diminish your progress rather than have it climbing. There are also certain forms of training that can't mach certain others, take calisthenics for example, there is so many variations that are possible but like any other method it doesn't hit everything. I love doing squats, push-ups, pull-ups, v-ups, handstands and others when i'm in the mood but even those components cannot touch or even scratch the surface of other methods.

This is why I like the VRT method of exercise, you can have all the equipment you need in one form of training where your imagination is the key. Think about it, being able to have all that equipment by just focusing on it in your mind and programming it to the muscles in your body. Be able to take the gym anywhere and do it whenever you want. VRT gives you freedom that you never experienced before. The benefits of this system are amazing in more than just developing muscular growth, it also enhances cardio, endurance, heals possible previous injuries, doesn't wear and tear on your joints and get this; you can wear whatever you want or nothing at all when you do a workout. You can do it in a long or short period of time and you can do it with your kids or grandparents, hell do it for students in a P.E class. This is a system meant for everyone from 10-100 years old, it isn't easy but it can be very interesting and it can really get you out of breath when properly performed.

When I need a break from regular forms of bodyweight training I go to this but lately its become so addicting I've been doing it and a variation of the system for weeks now and haven't even felt the slightest bit of a burn out. Target the muscles you want worked in mere seconds just by thinking then moving in a range of motion while maintaining tension. You control the amount of resistance being used and you have the freedom to come up with any exercise you want. Instead of thinking of regular, boring dumbbells, why not think of a car, heavy chains, a strong rope, picking up heavy bricks, pushing the pyramids, rowing an extremely heavy oar, squatting with a boulder on your back or even pulling a train full of gorgeous women; there's a limitless amount of things you can think of to hit the muscles you're working. You are powerful and this system can give you amazing energy and insane control over your whole system; be able to flex and relax your muscles at will, putting your thoughts into the muscles to create that surge of strength & power plus become enthralled in developing muscle that stands out and gives that natural glow on your structure.

There's nothing like doing the VRT Workout and no other form of muscle control gives you more freedom and lends you a limitless amounts of ideas that can create a workout that not only is out of this world but puts you in the front seat and gives you the tools to ride your own ship.

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