Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bridging For Real Strength & Flexibility

The back bridge was one of my first exercises when I was building my leg strength after my accident. Nothing made me stretch as much as the bridge did and holding it or 30 sec. at first felt like an eternity. I eventually built up to 3 min. and more plus learning the old school style of Bridging Gymnastics; being able to fall back into a bridge, kick over and back.

To me from my personal experiences both internally & externally, the bridge and its amazing variations like the front bridge, Gymnastic Bridge & the Rainbow Bridge (holding with hips high, legs straight as possible & without hands support) have given me real strength & flexibility that has carried over to other areas of training and its given me the greatest endorphin high ever. Who needs weed and drugs when you can bridge for a period of time?

Its not the easiest exercise but it truly opens up the body like no exercise has ever done. When you apply the full details of bridging in your training you're going to experience one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and that's turning back the clock and slowing down the aging process. Because of the way the bridge is taught, it goes beyond a neck exercise or just a stretch, it strengthens the organs, unlocks strength in the tendons and powers up on natural growth hormone. The flexibility you will develop gives you energizing affects and goes to levels most exercises can't touch. With its isometric components, Bridging makes every muscle in the body strong as hell for true functional strength and flexibility. Did I forget to mention it helps develop a wicked sex drive? When you apply the bridging techniques you'll feel and notice why.

To get the most out of bridging read up on Advanced Bridging by going to Legendary Strength and grab the course. There's nothing like it and its one of the most unique courses ever developed. Don't believe me, see for yourself.....

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