Friday, June 3, 2016

Bodybuilding That Heals

Some people won't like this and i'm not knocking bodybuilding in general; I believe in the power of healing, strengthening & supply my body with realistic training methods that rejuvenate & expand the body's energies from the inside out. Bodybuilding today is not something that is appealing in most cases unlike yesteryear with guys like Arnold, Otto Arco, Charles Atlas, Bobby Pandour, Bill Pearl & Maxick; these men believed in the art and superhuman effort to build the body for a purpose that went beyond just the symmetry & musculature. These guys were legitimately strong in their own right. Bodybuilding was life and wasn't always about competition although that helped but overall they did things most guys won't do today and have no way of ever catching up with them.

When I watch little posing routines from guys like Arco, Pearl & Arnold; they all had one thing in common and that was taking it to a level that made sense in their time and were far stronger than most guys today. The big exercise system I've been into lately has been the Muscular Tension exercises that create a full range of motion while thinking and flexing the muscles. Weights are great in many aspects especially for old school muscle building which I believe is far superior but when it comes to what's called Focused Muscular Tension, you have more control over your body than controlling a weight. Some will knock it as a joke that this type of training doesn't build real muscle and doesn't generate any real strength. Hate to break it to you home boy but it does generate great muscle especially developed density but also create natural musculature that isn't going to wear and tear on joints or ligaments. It also creates amazing strength results because once you can control your muscles in a flexed/relaxed state whenever you want it'll help with other crossover training.

That may sound like a pipe dream but I'm also proof that this stuff works; if it didn't I wouldn't be able to do my strength feats in a much more rapid pace of progress. This helped me do more pull-ups, helped my bridging gymnastics even as a heavyweight, put me in a state of pure power with my sledgehammer training, generate greater power into my steel bending, rip phonebooks easier and even help me deadlift over 400 pounds without any specialization. It takes practice and a great focus. I'm doing even more of it now to shed fat off muscles I'd like have greater density on. It is very powerful stuff. Best yet, I don't have any injuries from it or feel soreness or severe joint pain. They are healing exercises for sure and everyone should add these to their repertoire even if its for off days, they give you a high very few things can and because of the rapid blood flow to your nervous system, it generates even greater flow to the internal organs and strengthens the joints.

The closest to it I can think of is the VRT System which is available here....These systems don't just heal the body but maintain for life when kept consistently.    

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