Monday, May 9, 2016

Recovery After Sprint Workouts

In order to get the best results from the program is to really get enough recovery for the body to repair itself and build a higher tolerance of training. I do recover very quickly from HIT workouts but I still want to keep myself in top condition no matter what day it is. That's why I do recovery workouts: Qi Gong, Dynamic Stretching, Mobility, Joint Loosening & others.

Recovery is equally or more important than the training itself. I've pushed myself on many occasions & still come out having great energy. Its not the best thing to be intense all the time, I've learned that the hard way doing many days of Animal Exercise and for a while was doing a deck of cards workout up to 4 times a week which even for me was overdoing it and ended up with a bad shoulder which i'm still working on to get to being pain-free. I'm a very energetic guy and when I really push myself I need to chill out; you're only as efficient as how you use and conserve energy.

Since getting back into Sprint Training with some extra bonuses, my appetite has gone up a bit and my energy levels are great but my biggest focus is how I can recover well in order to be optimal next time around during the week. That's why I like doing various stretches and joint mobility, you still have something to do just on a smaller scale. I recover the majority of the week which is best for most people, if you're a pro athlete or superhuman, sure you may go a little more but for most even above average or higher level of trainees need more time to recover or tone down the level of intensity and only go so high no more than 3x a week. Some muscles recover faster than others and there are those that have insane levels of strength & conditioning that recovery doesn't need to last very long.

People forget that yeah when they have that adrenaline everything becomes a blur and you can all sorts of things without realizing it but it does in fact wear off one way or another and you're going to need repairs and let your body fuel up. Don't forget to take time off or do much smaller portions of workouts on a day off from very intense sessions because if you are too intense the majority of the week, your body will break down real hard and you can get yourself injured or end up in the hospital. That's the thing I can't stand about most crossfit workouts, too many people don't get the recovery they need because for one their not listening to their bodies and are completely full of brain farts & two their trainers are putting them through workouts where technique is virtually non-existent including those dumbass kipping pull-ups and crazy unrealistic injury-prone muscle-ups on the rings and end up in the hospital.

Recover and know the difference between kicking ass both intensely and in recovery and getting your ass kicked negatively by some stupid shmuck who doesn't know his ass from his elbow on real recovery. Train hard, train smart and kick ass in your recovery sessions.

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