Friday, May 6, 2016

Making Sprints Awesome By Using The Superhero Sprints System

Sprinting is truly the key to unlocking super growth hormone & fat burning torching elements. There are many ways to do interval training but Sprints is the ultimate period. What if we spiced it up and made it the ultimate anytime, anywhere workout where you only need 1 hour a week of training this way and just do little things on your days off. The type of training where not only has the calorie burning of sprint training but combined with strength/conditioning exercise circuits that will make fat not only scream bloody murder but just might literally run out of your body and be afraid of you for life.

Weight loss is the big thing that people want to do these days but for the most part, they're doing it for the wrong reasons. Sure you lost weight and feel a little better but how is your muscle mass coming along? Are your your energy levels at a higher rate than 200% of what it was before? Is your metabolism kicking in faster? How about your natural growth hormones? Funny thing is, you can still weigh the same but have greater muscle density and lower body fat. Yeah you lost weight but there's still fat hanging around that just doesn't seem to go away and you're left with that "loose skin."

I know what it's like to not have a lot of muscle and carry around more fat than I care to mention; I understand about stretch marks and having a gut hanging over you like its meant to take gravity. You're not alone but in order to get the very best out of your goals you're going to have to put in effort. Sorry pal but there's no such thing as a magic pill or a supplement that burns off all the sugar & fat to make you look like an Adonis. However; you don't need to put in a ton of hours in order to get the physique you want. Train in a way that takes less than a half hour and keeps burning calories even hours after your workout.

Superhero Sprints is high up on the fitness food chain that takes you from flabby to looking insanely better in a matter of weeks, practice for a few months and it'll even make you look greater than that, hit a year and holy crap you can look far leaner and more muscular than you did in a 5-10 year span. This course has the makings of looking like a real life superhero with boundless energy, insane speed, incredible endurance and strength that is functional and realistic. You're a beginner? Why didn't you say so, this course has that too as it can be your introduction to The Superhero Physique University. You're not big on wanting to train outside? Unless its raining cats & dogs, snowing or meteor showers are hitting the ground, get your fresh air but it does have a program for indoor training, so really you have no excuse.  

How about the Cost? I've literally spent hundreds of dollars on top notch courses and have spent time with some of the greatest minds in the fitness field but this course is not only the cheapest course I found, its literally worth more than 100X its value. This course costs less than a monthly payment to Planet Fitness for crying out loud, less than the typical bodyweight course, less than the cost of a typical fitness video from Wal-Mart (imagine that). $9 and here's what you'll get.....

A Main Manual of the Superhero Sprints System
Indoor Sprint Training
Superhero Supersets
Backyard Intervals
Nutrition Plan
Videos Of All The Exercises in the System

You'll be able to download all these ASAP and can get them all onto your hard drive or highlight them in your browser. Get a physique like the Flash, Wolverine, Gambit, Catwoman, Ms. Marvel, Spiderman. Make the Superhero Sprint System your own (I did and got insane results from it in a few weeks).

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