Thursday, August 13, 2015

Iam Not Oh Wait Yes Iam An Animal

It's easy to get confused in the fitness world...Told to do this or that, lift weights to get stronger, do cardio like your life depended on it and tons of other crap. The truth of the matter is it boils down to your intuition. What is it you want to learn? Why did you get into it? Does it help you with your goals or help establish a creative side to you for training? I don't give a rat's ass about most of the junk that's out there. I live doing simple things and staying away from a spiffy gym as much as possible. Living the way of the Animal is part of my philosophy and there's nothing like moving in the way of a wild and powerful creature.

Over this past week or more I have worn a 20 pound Vest throughout most of my workouts from walking to jumping, playing and doing animal moves. It is a very powerful tool to use and one I highly recommend. Wearing this bad boy has given me some kick ass training to the point where already I have lost around 5 pounds and moving much faster and have built up quite an appetite (like I didn't before). Being animalistic is fun, layed out in simple principles and training as minimal as possible. Sure I mess around with a sledgehammer 1-2x a week but that's beside the point. You've got to enjoy your experimentation and looking forward to those sessions where it looks like torture to the untrained eye but to you it's another day at a fucking awesome office in the Bahamas.

For nearly 20 years, I have experimented and participated in some of the most ridiculous workouts and exercises imaginable; I have bled, I have sweat, nearly passed out, ran yards after yards, push-ups until my chest felt like it was going to explode, lift heavy ass weight and have even bent a few bars and spikes in my time but I'am convinced through it all nothing has had me burn more fat, tire me out quicker and had incredible adventures than doing Animal Movements. They are the reason why I love exercise and fitness in general, they are the key to successful bodyweight training and nobody can tell me any different. We are meant to move like our animal friends in the jungle, we bleed like most mammals and we have urges in our DNA that are meant to move and process the gifts of adaptation and utilizing our brains to their full potential.

We are the planet's ultimate animal yet everything we take is for granted and have lost many of what our ancestors were bred to do. We can adapt better than most animals yet society and the media have us become more weak, afraid and feeling like we are supposed to do things like everyone else otherwise being different is something to be ashamed of; fuck those people. I was told most of my life that I didn't have a chance to do anything great or be able to become super strong yet I've reached far higher than they thought. Don't attract bullshit, attract what you love, having positive influence in your life and grabbing the bull by the fucking horns brother. Adapt to what attracts you with positive affirmation and love. Animals hunt for survival, play as cubs to get ready for the dangers ahead so you must hunt for success, play to get better at training and be the best you can be. Like a Wolf there is a pack somewhere that wants you in the gang or you can go solo and kick major ass from there. Become wild, show off your Animality and power up your body by moving like a wild animal in the jungle.

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